Do Jehovah's Witnesses Depend on Mental Illness?

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  • metatron

    If you still go to meetings, take a good look around the Kingdom Hall next time you attend and think about what you are

    likely seeing.

    Many Witnesses will sit in a half-awake mode - despite confronting a risk to life or limb in attending, because of bad weather or the sort

    of neighborhood the Hall is located in. Also, take note of the children: how many are told to sit quietly and keep occupied by

    "counting the number of times the speaker says Jehovah ( or Jesus)"? Notice the "Barbie Doll" sisters ( 12 - 16 years old) who

    listlessly write their names over and over in some sort of calligraphy, while pretending to take notes - and then there's the anorexic

    sister ,sitting in the back, who is afflicted with thoughts about ritual abuse. Perhaps the meeting part describes some third world

    Witness who wades thru crocodile infested waters to get to the hall every week. Is anyone really learning anything? or are they

    just being programmed? Do the meetings seem to be an "end in themselves"? Does field service also seem to be that way?

    Do many of the congregation seem to depend on psychoactive drugs like Prozac or Paxil or Zoloft? How about alcohol as a means

    of relieving the stress of living a life of repetition - that never seems to go anywhere?

    At some point, you ask yourself: is this organization filled with people afflicted with obsessive- compulsive disorders?

    Does the Watchtower Society encourage this for its own benefit?

    While I am not a health care professional, I have had medical problems with compulsive thoughts and depression AND NOTICED

    THAT MOST OF MY PROBLEMS WENT AWAY after I became inactive. Following this, I look backward at what I was involved

    in and wonder about Witnesses who "have to" get their "time in" - or "have to" attend meetings. If they accomplish almost nothing

    in the field ministry and sit through countless meetings in a half conscious state - all while feeling "compelled" to do so,

    how can anyone not consider that the Watchtower is gathering up OCD sufferers and programming them as its thralls?

    In fairness, it must be admitted that many religions probably exploit the obsessive-compulsive tendencies of their flock.

    Folks like Hare Krishnas, Mormons, and rosary bead- fingering Catholics ( and Muslims!) come to mind. Yet, given the

    forcibly "unified" nature of JWs, and their endless "reminders" to go to meetings and put in field service time ( often as an

    end in itself), the Watchtower seems particularily skilled at exploiting this defect of human nature.

    If so, we shouldn't be surprized that logic and facts often appear to have little effect on Witnesses.

    It isn't about logic

    It isn't about facts.

    Perhaps all too many of these poor people do what they do because they are caught up in cycles of obsessive thought,

    unable to break free. Suddenly, "repetition for emphasis" takes on an evil tone....


  • iiz2cool
    Suddenly, "repetition for emphasis" takes on an evil tone....

    Especially when the people in the hall are in a semi-conscious state. I wonder if that's by design?


  • minimus

    Met--------That is on e of your best threads! Whoaaaaaa!!!! That's what you call 'saying it like it is"! POWERFUL THREAD.

  • Scully
    While I am not a health care professional, I have had medical problems with compulsive thoughts and depression AND NOTICED THAT MOST OF MY PROBLEMS WENT AWAY after I became inactive.

    I can vouch for this too - and I am a health care professional.

    It's simply fascinating how much better I feel and function now that I am no longer a part of The Happiest People on Earth?.

    Love, Scully

  • stopthepain

    great read!!!!!!!

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Do Jehovah's Witnesses Depend on Mental Illness?

    From you post, it sounds like they THRIVE on it . Interesting read !

  • jgnat

    The JW's came about at the turn of the century. I don't think they could have survived before. Their system is dependent on modern conveniences such as the printing press, and modern governments who can tolerate "neutrals" in their borders.

    I also believe that modern treatment of depressive disorders allows Jehovah's Witnesses to continue to function in this mindlessly repetitive culture.

    For the first time, I heard a convention announcement. Even though our congregation is ten minutes away from the location, the conductor read the instructions for booking and staying in a hotel, as required by HQ. As he apologetically explained to us all. Then, to top it all off - I couldn't believe it - they had a question-and-answer period to be sure the congregation COMPREHENDED the instructions. How does a fully-grown adult tolerate this patronism?

  • willyloman

    A very articulate summary of a condition that is rampant in the congregations of JWs, which we've all seen and recognized.

    I personally know a young woman who was on Paxil to control her extreme mood swings. She moved away from the city she was in and stopped going to meetings; she started seeing a counselor at the same time and within a week she was off the anti-depression meds with no ill effects. A year later, she is med-free, holding down a demanding job and thinking clearly.

  • Maverick

    I got depressed just reading this Met! Boy...takes me back!

    I believe you are right , the WTS seeks out and takes complete advantage of people with "issues" and what they don't exploit from without they actively create from within!

  • scootergirl

    I agree...very good read and very accurate observation!

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