US Special Troops in Iran?

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  • wasasister
    Thanks for trying to make a mountain out of a molehill wasasister.

    You are welcome, as always. However, I don't think it is a "molehill" to many people who frequent your board. Many, many of us in this country strongly disagree with our leadership and do not support the invasion of sovereign nations who do not pose an immediate threat.

    If you bothered to read...

    As usual, the fault is with people who have "poor reading comprehension" (wish I had a nickle for every time you wrote that) rather than with anything you said. You bear absolutely no responsibility for the offenses other take.

    I'll try to be more careful in my reading next time.

  • safe4kids

    (((Wasa))) Well said, as is usually the case. Hope you're doing well.


  • xenawarrior
    I get the impression that "America" is very like the WTS - the rank and file are fed a diet of fear and propaganda that those outside simply cannot comprehend. If you try and tell them about it then the shutters come down as they have been conditioned to. If anyone speaks up and questions the dogma then they are shunned and isolated.

    Oh my. What a totally pompous statement. Perhaps it would be better for you to understand that you don't hold the answers to US foreign or domestic policy or the realization thereof. It is, in fact, merely your opinion based on what you read or see etc., that you "try and tell" us over and over again. Although you are entitled to those opinions- it's hardly what would be considered emphatically "correct".

    "Oh, if' they'd only listen to us- they'd see the way" What a bunch of malarky. What is funny is that when there is a connection made to the WTS that includes you or your board or how you operate it- you find it offensive but you are very quick to make the same inane analogies when it suits your agenda.

  • Pleasuredome
    Besides, the US simply does not have the capability to open up another front. It is already bogged down and overstretched.

    they will have the capability when they bring back the draft. teenage fodder for the "cavalry on the 'new american frontier'".

    The U.S. must "fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theatre wars" as a "core mission". (PNAC)

  • roybatty
    Simon It's been really reassuring to read your posts and know that English people aren't as easily fooled as the American and even Australian public generally seem to be these days.

    That's 100% true. We Americans are way too trusting...we are! We trust that our leaders have our best interests in mind. We trust Bush, while he's bankrupts our country, we trust Clinton while he sells the White House to the highest biders, we trust that big corporations are doing good while behind the scenes they are shipping our jobs overseas. We can learn a little something in this department from our European cousins.

    On the other had, I find it ironic that we as Americans are painted as "anti-Islam" while Europe is not. After 911 happened, how many Mosqes in the US were burned down? How many Muslims were lynched or beat up? I didn't read anything in the papers about such things happening. Can you imagine if 911 happened in London or Paris or Amsterdam? They would have burned down ever mosqe in their country. We Americans "trust" that the Muslims in our country won't do us harm. On the other hand, the distrust Europeans have has lead them to abuse these living in their lands.

  • hillary_step


    Released . . ." There is always more to the situation than meets the eye." That is the answer to the riddle I posed to hillary_step. ( see above ) Not that anybody cares, but thanks anyway.

    I do care, honestly I do. The problem is that the statement that you have made above is as ridiculous as the first one you made on this thread. Sometimes there is much less to a situation than meets the eye. What am I supposed to do, humor you or point out the repeated defects in your reasoning? HS

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    My posting this news wasn't to fault the US administration for spying on possible threats like the leadership in Tehran. However, I do think they're taking the overtly militaristic approach too often. In this case in particular, its inciting. They should be focussing more of their resources on supporting the pro-democracy groups within Iran itself. I know the CIA is already doing this to some extent.

  • kaykay_mp

    I don't think that Simon was trying to be inflammatory towards me. I haven't even met the guy. This is such a heated topic that when I used the word we and our, I was talking about America in general. You'll see a lot of fellow countrymen and women use the possessive pronouns when talking about their respective countries.

    And about the America going out of being a world power: I hope to be living in France by then. Beautiful country. Lotsa wine.



  • hillary_step


    You make some very points.

    I am not sure where the naievity of the US public originates. I have thought about it a lot over the years and I think that much of it rests in the climate of media, advertising and marketing machine which has been an integral part of US life since the frontier days. The system has been perfected to the point that the media seems to have a very powerful control over the opinions of millions of people. You are talking about a nation, 88% of which believe in God and 42% of which believe in an imminent second coming of Christ, according to Time figures some months ago. This could only have been achieved with a heavy dose of unquestioning naievity.

    I have found Europeans to be much more cynical about what they read in papers, see on TV or see advertised. I have yet to meet an Italian for example who is prepared to believe *anything* that a politician tells him, and you need not imagine that this is due to there being more corruption in Italian than US politics. A healthy disgust and distrust of politicians is the European way. I have not noticed this among Americans as a whole, though of course it is difficult to speak in such generalities without raising objections.

    Best regards - HS

  • Tigerman

    HS . . . at least I know how to spell what I'm without . . . naivete'.

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