Dropping attendance and disolving congregations

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  • willyloman

    In my earlier post, I mentioned that we hadn't "split" or formed any new congos in this area for a long time. So I was surprised when my wife came home and said she ran into a dub at the store (someone from a different congo than the one we were last in) who asked if we were being affected by what she called "the split."

    However, as she provided more information, it turns out that one of the congos that shares a hall with our old group has had several families move in over the past several months (the area's population is exploding) and so the CO has decided to change the congregation boundaries/territory and move some folks around so that our old congo, which has lost 50 pubs in the last three years, will be "equalized."

    So it's not a "split" at all, but this sister seemed to think it was a major sign of growth and an indication of God's approval. The truth is the number of JWs in the circuit has gone down 20% in the past decade, despite the fact that the population in the region has more than doubled and people are moving here in droves. Given that "move-ins" provide the majority of growth in most JW congos now, it's remarkable that all this growth hasn't resulted in a net gain. The dubs are going out the back door faster than they are coming in the front!

  • stillajwexelder

    Still growing in Mexico and Brazil though

  • blondie

    But the rate of increase is slowing down (someone had the numbers posted on JWD).

    Remember Japan.


  • moshe

    From my experience it's when a publisher moves to a new area that he uses the opportunity to do his quiet "exit, stage left" and disappear from the WT radarscope. That's how my ex-wife left - not me, I raised a ton of h-ll. The elders learned too late they shouldn't have helped hide my kids from their "apostate" Dad. The next meeting I was in front of the KH with a bullhorn asking every publisher "do you know who is hiding my kids" - made for an unpleasant newbies 1st KH meeting!

    Then I plastered the 1000 neighbors houses with fliers -missing kids being hidden by the local KH- please help!" The kids got sent home a week later.

    Seems like the district assembly meetings are in smaller venues,too.



  • seattleniceguy
    Then I plastered the 1000 neighbors houses with fliers -missing kids being hidden by the local KH- please help!" The kids got sent home a week later.

    Wow! You go, moshe! And welcome to the board!


  • Lilycurly

    Actually, I have some hope for the children. I've got two small brothers, and one of them wants to ear nothing of the JWS, while the other, I was once scared for him, but we often talk together and I can see he is quite ticked about inconstitencies (from Bible and WTS). Kids today are less religious then before, he in particular is very into the scientific stuff...

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