Dropping attendance and disolving congregations

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  • Dustin

    That's awesome! I hope the whole stupid religion goes under. It would be so funny after all those years they condemned other religions. Maybe the JW's are the harlot that's talked about in Revelation. The nations will turn on the false prophet of a religion, and bring her to justice.


  • blondie
    Is that official? I have not heard that yet.

    Watch your March 2005 KM. It comes out earlier there in NYC, doesn't it?

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Kind of reminds me of a marriage that is failing. There is violence, promises made, promises broken, and soon the abused mate just doesn't believe any more, but to save face, they act still as if they are the perfect couple. Pretty soon, the abused mate doesn't care anymore and begins to search elsewhere for the perfect mate. The abusing mate then begins to try to control the actions of the abused mate even MORE: controlling friendships, time, money, etc. It's the last desperate wailings of an abuser losing control.


  • mkr32208

    I'm not giddy as a school girl yet but I'm getting a tingle!

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis


    You have turned my day into one of joy and hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much. My true hope is that all the children whose futures are being dashed because of a controlling group of men will not have to go through what most of did. This gave me a glimpse of hope that Ireally needed.

  • Sunspot

    **It would be so funny after all those years they condemned other religions. Maybe the JW's are the harlot that's talked about in Revelation. The nations will turn on the false prophet of a religion, and bring her to justice.

    It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't a big grain of truth in *that*!

    At least when "Satanists" have their rituals, etc, others know what and who they stand for.....upside down crosses and so forth. The WTS claims to be "Christian" but deny the Christ at every turn-right down to the sacrifice that he TOLD his followers to observe, that is---to partake in it---not to watch it in hopes that one "maybe" someone will partake. And if one does---they are thought of as "special".

    It's so UNchristian and defies all that Christ taught---helping and loving others without reserve and loving GOD with all your heart. Nowhere did Jesus place heavy burdens on his followers and tire them out so needlessly.

    The WTS just seems to go way out of its way to NOT act as Christians on the general world scene. They are very clever and deceitful---the word "slithery" comes to mind, as they seem to ooze out of so many lies and trickery. They deserve all the scorn that we can muster up, IMHO. They've been getting away with far too much as they spout their "religion" to themselves and others.


  • heathen

    I wouldn't be surprised if they don't reduce all the publications they place in field service to a tract or buisness card with the WTBTS web site on one side and on the back have the local congregation addy and phone number plus a little advertising logo , for all your publishing needs contact brooklyn or wherever the printing facility is .It really is unbelievable that they can say they believe the end is so close but then turn around and build a new multi million dollar printing facility meanwhile they watch the impoverished people that try so hard to please them struggle to make a living washing windows or mowing yards .

  • FlyingHighNow
    Maybe the JW's are the harlot that's talked about in Revelation.

    Or perhaps the Anti-Christ. Aren't they the only religion that uses a torture steak rather than a cross?

    I believe they stopped magazine subscriptions to save money; but I also think they don't want "apostates" having easy access to their publications. Didn't they stop all publications from being mailed out?

    Cease and desist order on Ex-JW websites: that shows me that that these websites are hurting the org. If they weren't doing serious damage to the org, then why would the WTBTS give a flip about them?

    Maybe the GB thinks that the JW decrease is due to websites like JWD. What was it their Jesus said about the rocks and stones singing if his followers were silenced?They pushed us out. They ran us out. They kicked us out. They silenced us by not allowing our jw friends and relatives to communicate with us. Then the internet has given us a voice that jws are listening to. No wonder they are trying to silence us again.

    Live for the day when you'll say, "Life without Borg at last."


    In our area the the trend in meeting attendance is becoming somewhat more "mainstream" Sundays are good TMS/Service Meetings and Bookstudies are in decline. As an example in one cong. I know of the Sunday attendance is 90-100 regularly. The evening meetings, around 65-75. Where are the other 30 people? They are realizing that there is a lot to do on Tuesday or Thursday nights instead of the meeting.

    Becoming more mainstream like other religions that they bash as "Sunday church-goers"

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    About 3 years ago, one cong here was dissolved and amalgamated with two other congs. Our cong was one of them. Last year our cong was short on elders and two elders were brought over from another cong (one was an elderly man, not in good health, and now he has all these responsibilities). They still needed brothers, even after getting about 45 new publishers just a short time before. The territiory boundaries were changed so they could be in the territory.

    I was upset when I heard this because when my parents moved here, my dad was really ill, and my mom needed help and encouragement. She really wanted to come to our hall and asked me to ask the elders if it would be ok. In this way we could be company for her at the hall, help with my dad if she needed it at the meetings etc. They said she could come to the meetings, but they would not travel outside of the territory to visit her, and they would not be able to give her the KM! Can you imagine??? This was a real eye opener to me, and now we no longer attend meetings! Our eyes were opened to the "love" they are supposed to have!


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