Puddy Cat Question..

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  • Angharad

    One of our cats has taken to scratching at things (curtains, beds etc), its very annoying and destructive she never used to do it. I'm wondering what has set that off.

    If you dug a hole in the garden and she happened to see you she would be over like and shot
    and attempting to fill it in.

    Ours are a pain - If you are digging in the garden they seem to think you are doing it for them and will wonder over, squat and pee (or worse) in the freshly dug soil Like you have been preparing it just for them.

    Another odd thing she did was sit on the edge of the bath while you were in there and 'attack' the water.

    I had to change their water dish to a ceramic one, as they used to have a steel dish and would attack the reflection of themselves in the water, made a hell of a mess - stupid creatures.

  • bem

    Not sure if you folks are all familiar with it or not. but on the animal channel there was for a while a pet psychic.( may even still be on there) She may of been a Dr. Dolittel wanna be and wished she could communicate with the animals.. How could you prove she was wrong?

    Really the animals are loads of fun and our cats all have different personalities. the only change so far has been our oldest. she is 6 now and cranky with no tolerence. A Manx.

  • Robdar


    When your cat digs does he also squat? Is he trying to go to the bathroom? If so, he may have a bladder infection which can turn deadly. If that isn't the case, then he may be going after baby rabbits or moles. If that is what he is doing, he is merely taking his cat responsibilities seriously.

    All the best,


  • stillajwexelder

    In my limited experience cats are their own beings - they do what they want and are difficult to bring back on the straight and narrow

  • unclebruce

    LOL wonderful post English,

    Sorry I can't advise about George. "he's taken to sitting in puddles" lol .. wild deer do that.

    My tortoise shell puddy cat finally passed away several months ago aged 19 years. She was loverly and very clean. Bought up with my daughters Shelly was just like a little girl - when I wasn't looking she liked to play with dolls and trinkets and some weird pink girly toys called "my little ponies". She spent her last few years with me and disapproved of much I did (If I swore or watched loud TV or let possums or wombats in the house she wasn't impressed at all. She often looked condesending at me as if I was her barbarian protector lol

    wombats - now there's a beast that'll plough your spuds (I'll have to post photos of me and wally one day. wally is the smartest wombat in the bega valley .. and getting very big)


  • Tigerman

    " wombats - now there's a beast that'll plough your spuds." Boy, you people talk funny !

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