Puddy Cat Question..

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  • BrendaCloutier

    E-man, as a cat lover, and having cats for many years, he may have a health problem.

    Is he drinking lots and lots of water too? If so he may have either diabetes or kidney problems.

    He may also have FUS Feline Urinary Syndrome - urinary crystals that block up his ureture.

    Take him to the vet. Quick! All three are deadly.

    If you're really lucky, he's just having fun in the mud. But I doubt it.

    Maxmillian SanQueue (17 lb Manx - buff and white) had the same problem 2-1/2 years ago. He was 7-1/2, and a healthy 17 pounds. I watched it for a couple weeks. He always was able to pee, but copious amounts along with drinking much water. He's diabetic! I now give him 2 insulin shots a day.

    Hugs and Purrs

    Brenda, Kevan, Max, Dominic, Princess

  • Englishman


    No, he's not drinking unusually large amounts of water. He seems healthy enough, he eats plenty and has his big bushy tail held high most of the time.


  • BrendaCloutier

    E-man, I still think it might be time for at least a phone call to the vet. I know, they're expensive.

    I just took Max in because of hairloss. Since he's diabetic, and has had occasional skin bacterial infections, and we're leaving for a week's sunbreak, I was concerned. While we were at it, Doc went ahead and caught him up on his overdue shots, and did a full "kat" scan, including thermometer up the butt. I was also able to go over our insulin routine, glucose checking, etc. All in all, it was worth the $64.00 US.

    Well, it turns out that his hairloss is all in his fuzzy head. He gets nervous, he overgrooms. Silly cat.

    BTW Max is the most awesome cat I've ever known. Without a tail, he is very vocal, and has words that I can translate from Cattish to English, like Milk, Out, In, BrushME-Meow!, grumble, Mom, she's staring at me! Leave me alone, etc. He also understands a lot of english - probably more English than I do Cattish.

    AND none of our cats will wipe their feet on the doormat outside and inside their cat door. Especially Dominic. He makes kittypaws over to Kev and right on top of his crossword puzzles.

    Purrrs to ya


  • Beachbender

    Good recommendation JH, Englishman did you send these people a question??!

    It sounds just like adolescence!! He might have figured this new thing is quite enjoyable

    and will tire of it soon! I have a shorthair that constantly rolls in the dirt outside. Though I

    live in Florida, so I`m thinking this is mainly for the fleas! Then she spends the day cleaning

    herself. Hopefully this isn`t anything health related, good luck.

  • Brummie

    Oh no! not George who I met at the apostofest? darn he's too far big and cool to tell you whats on his mind. So, while I have never yet had this problem,let me guess at whats happening:

    1, As Brenda said, It could be a urinal problem..

    2, regular occurancw of pins and needles in the paws (check paws to see if he has a splinter or something.

    3, he's looking for the mouse tail he buried years ago.

    4, could be slightly depressed...aww

    5, and most likely, changes in his routine or regular surroundings has brought on a behavioural change, changes in peoples emotions, or reactions can also bring on the behavioural change. Now considering you have had a tough time recently and wouldnt have been following the regular routine,the cyat could have easily picked up on the disturbance. You have had a new white 2 piece suite, a big change for a cat whose environment has been well marked and familiar in the past. He could be missing his old comfort spot. You're tough time and the time spent time in hospital, would have been noticed by the cyat, consequently these changes have thrown the cyat into a mix.

    He probably gets comfort from digging, because by digging the dut, his mind is preocupied with something that he has always been familiar with.

    Naturally I am probably totally wrong


  • Mutz

    I had a cat that was the opposite of your's, she was a filler.
    If you dug a hole in the garden and she happened to see you she would be over like and shot
    and attempting to fill it in. I dug a trench in the garden once to lay a cable, a hot day so I went in
    to get a drink. When I came back out she was stretched across the trench full length trying to fill the thing in,
    it would have taken her all year but still she had to give it a go.
    Another little quirky thing she did was to jump into the fishpond. On several occasions she appeared
    covered in weed and stinking of pond. Cats and water don't normally mix but she was the exception.
    Another odd thing she did was sit on the edge of the bath while you were in there and 'attack' the water.
    Cats are strange. :)

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hey mutz.

    you said:

    If you dug a hole in the garden and she happened to see you she would be over like and shot
    and attempting to fill it in.

    I find that just hillarious. rofl...lol..

    Special K

  • Special K
    Special K

    and Mutz

    Another odd thing she did was sit on the edge of the bath while you were in there and 'attack' the water.

    our kitty does that too and again I find it just soooo funny.


  • BrendaCloutier

    When Max was younger, he'd squat on his haunches on the rim of the toilet seat and have his whole "upper" body in the toilet playing in the water. What a mess! I would occasionally take him into the bathtub with me when I took a bath. He was facinated by it.

  • Tigerman

    " Pussy cat, pussy cat, I've got flowers and lots of hours to spend with you . . . pretty little pussy cat you . . .

    You can hold the applause, thanks,

    Tom Jones

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