Calling NW Oregonians

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Sunday afternoon and it's thawing.

    I did make it out both days to the rail of the deck to make sure the Crows and little birdies had food. I feed "my" crows catfood from Costco. They love it, and the family groups I feed are very healthy.

    Princes (one of 3 cats) tried to do her usual thing and jump up on the rail to be first to the crow food, but she slipped and slid and almost fell 12 feet before I grabbed her and dumped her unceremoniously in the house.

    KBRD TV has been on all day (picture window which looks out on the deck and bird feeders). And so has football - the US kind.

    Sorry, gang, I haven't been to a meetup. No $$ here. Wanna go some time.

    Ahh Mexico. 24th. Having hard time waiting the next week out.

    Think I'll make some Mexican hot chocolate. Yum!

  • Gretchen956

    Not a NW Oregonian but I'm going to answer anyway! We actually had a miniversion of your storm here. There are almost never ice storms in Seattle. Ours wasn't true freezing rain, but it came down as ice pelets, melted slightly and then froze again. Very slick. Didn't help that during the heart of it I locked myself out of my car and had to wait for 40 minutes for the locksmith to come!

    Glad to hear you are all thawing out down there and able to get out again. Nothing like cabin fever!


  • BrendaCloutier

    OMG! Gretch! That's funny.

    May I suggest getting a copy of your door key and using wire or duct tape to attache it under your car where you can get at it in the future?

    If you have an extra in your purse, if you are like me, you will likely lock your purse in the car!

    Warm Hugs


  • wasasister

    Don't know where in Seattle you are, Gretchen, but all we ever got was rain with a few ice pellets mixed in. We were almost disappointed - stocked up on movies, video games and liquor, hoping to be snowed in.

    Real ice storms are beautiful and deadly. I remember last January when there was a thick glaze of crystal coating trees, houses, cars. The sun came out and it was as if everything had been dipped in diamonds. I barely had time to appreciate the beauty, when branches began snapping off. I think somebody died when a tree hit their car.

  • Gretchen956

    I was in the U-District when the ice storm hit, trust me I was outside in it! But it wasn't horrible. Then I got home to Kent and my mailbox was crusted over with ice and ice-cicles were hanging off it. As it got later the ice got thicker here, when my partner went out to start her car for work it was encased in ice. Took her awhile to clear it. She said she went between 10 and 20 mph until she got out of Kent, but then it cleared up. So we must have been in a little pocket or something.

    I don't carry a purse, and I don't usually lock myself out of my car either. But who knows maybe I could get a magnetic holder and stick it somewhere.


  • Carmel

    What rain and ice? None of the bad stuff here!

    carmel from the western promised land

  • Swan

    I drank coffee and watched the news for some laughs! It was a bad storm, but hey, they made it sound like the worst disaster since the Great Tsunami.

    Announcer: BREAKING NEWS! This is a NewsStation Special Report! Winter Storm Disaster!

    Anchorperson: We go now live to our reporter at large, Frieza Myasoff, at the mouth of the Columbia Gorge.

    Reporter: It's really bad here! The freezing winds from east come down through the gorge and meet up with the warm rain from Hawaii. The result is freezing conditions that make driving conditions very hazardous. Oh, look, there some poor schmuck who works for McMenamins, spinning out.

    Anchorperson: I'm sorry, Frieza, we have to switch back over to the State Patrol office with a report of a 50 car pile up on Mill Plain.

    State Patrol: No, it is just that there are 50 cars stuck or abandoned on Mill Plain, not a 50 car pile up

    Anchorperson (sounding disappointed): It isn't a 50 car pile up?

    State Patrol: No, just that there are about 50 stuck cars. They never collided with each other.

    Anchorperson: There you have it folks. There isn't a 50 car pile up on Mill Plain. You heard it here first on NewsStation. Now a message and we will be right back with our continuing coverage of the Winter Storm Disaster.

    Announcer: This has been a Breaking News Exclusive Special Report. Stay tuned for more of our Winter Storm Disaster coverage! We will return after this...


  • seven006

    Being at the top of Mountain Park I watched squirrels all day slide down the inch thick sheet of ice that use to be the street in front of my place. Their bushy tails didn't offer them much help traction wise. They slid all the way down the street until they crashed into a tree at the bottom of the hill and cracked their little nuts.

    Winter sucks.


  • gumby

    Poor Dave...he still sits in that same spot for hours just staring at those little squirrels and smiling saying ..."it's ok little's ok. ..everything will be alright, you'll see". Who woulda thought he'd ever get like that in his 50's for christ sake?

    I would also like everyones prayers to go out to poor Bikerchick Kate. This poor woman is stuck inside a cold house with a guy whose colder than the house. Being with her husband is just like living alone except for the fact that his big arse is in the way....poor big clumsy bastard. I hear she's gettin a 8x8 storage shed for him and a little space heater and a computor game. Let's hope to god she can hang on till she assembles it tonight.


  • Odrade

    You guys are hilarious. I myself was truly tortured during the Winter Storm Apocalypse. My internet connection went down first thing Saturday morning, and we only have basic cable. I had to watch infomercials. And we ran out of milk, so I had to drink black coffee. I just got back online this afternoon, wouldn't you know it, AFTER the ice melted enough to leave the house.

    Tammy, that was so wicked funny I almost peed my pants!

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