Do you really hate JWs?..... or is it the WT??

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  • hillary_step


    Anybody who hates Jehovah's Witnesses as individuals should by definition also hate any individual similarly dictated to and misled by their religions. This should leave around 2000 people on the planet thaty we do not hate. Any other choice would be irrationally partisan. Some religions are more harmful than others, but all promise what they cannot really give.

    I abhor the leadership of the Jehovah's Witnesses with every effort I can muster. I hold a similar disgust for the leadership of any religion that so harms their adherents by stubbornly adhering to dangerous and tenous religious doctrine. Of course I have personally been damaged by the WTS so though I hate all religious rapists, I am especially angry at those that have raped me.

    It has always been my feeling that a vast amount of effort is expended by many XJW's by focussing on changing JW's. Change the heart of a JW, you change one person, change the leadership you change the heart of six million people overnight. They should always be the target of choice.

    Best regards - HS

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    In JWs, I've experienced the same range of personalities that I did at school, university and work. As individuals some dubs are just impossible to hate, most affect/ed me neutrally, and then there are the few that are abrasive and really turn me off. As a whole I don't hate them, and in fact really do feel sorry for most of tem because they're being conned and used bt the WTS.

    The WTS with their "God-Complex"plagued leadership, and the self-serving cronies that work along with them can @#$%&^ go to hell.

  • upside/down

    I hate politics as much as I hate any institiution that subjugates,misleads, abuses or mentally rapes people.. er I mean religion (incl.WTS)!

    What is it some are fond of saying, "Hate the "sin", not the "sinner"".... Obviously a "sinner" came up with that one lol.

    I always will remember - I WAS ONCE AS THEY ARE NOW! Hope it gives me perspective and long suffering with individuals, not the bOrg.


  • LoverOfTruth
    I'm sure they feel the love for you that you say you do them still.

    I don't think they have a clue what "real" love is.

  • snbdye2000

    Since I have zero experience with the WT, I have to put all my feelings towards individual JW's. I've never been a JW, so I have no experiences other than dealing with the 3 trying everything they can to bring my husband into this cult. I hate that they encourage him to keep secrets from me. I hate that they take every little thing that happens and guilt him into believing that it's a sign from Jehovah to keep studying with them. I hate that they tell him I'm being led by Satan. I hate that they are doing everything they can to destroy our family and marriage. I hate that they'll only meet with him on his lunch breaks and refuse to come to our home because they know I'll question them. I hate that they have come back with more books TWICE after he has told them he's going to just read the Bible with me with none of their books. I hate that they have other JW's he knows call him from time to time to keep the pressure up. I could go on and on. I have never thought of myself as one that could actually feel HATE towards other people. But, to say that I hate everything these people believe in, everything they stand for, everything they say and everything they do, but dont hate them, would be a joke in my eyes. Blaming it all on "they're taught to act this way, etc. by the wt." doesnt cut it for me. They have free will and have chosen to be apart of this organization and all, so yea, I hate these 3 men.

  • anuva

    if we have to have any hope of caring for enslaved minds, the real cupprit is the help literature, and their producers,....

    in other words,...WTBTS and officials

    love and peace


  • Simon

    Jehovahs Witnesses and the WTS are separate as they themselves will be the first to point out. They don't want their valuable publishing company put at risk by some cooky religion and zany beliefs ... esp because of all the deaths and heartache caused by the policies.

  • zev


    the wbtbs.

    i don't hate anyone unless they do something personally to me that deserves that hate. jw's included.

    my contact with them and experiences with them is limited to the internet,.

    i will say that on d.b.'s i post on where they stick around and refute what we say, that they can be the rudest, spitefull, nastyest humans i have ever talked to. (remember OneLadyBand?)

    but at the same time you have to feel bad that they think they are doing and saying all this for the right reasons.

    haroldev3 / zev / exjwhuman

  • Country_Woman

    I don't hate .....

    I despice the Borg.

    And I despice the stupid "not-thinking-for-themselve-behaviour" from the JW's

    Hate is self destructive.....

  • Golf

    Great comment Valis.

    Hate is wasted energy. I have other good uses for my energy.

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