brainwashed ???

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  • sugarbritches

    Hi- are JW's to be blamed or pitied for their cold, callous unloving ways?- Sugarbritches

  • garybuss

    I hold them responsible for their own behaviors. Their mean behaviors to me and to my family have by far overshadowed and cancelled any good they may have done.

    I am convinced they are as I was . . . a Witness by my own free will choice.

  • frenchbabyface

    of course mean is mean

  • phil78
    I hold them responsible for their own behaviors. Their mean behaviors to me and to my family have by far overshadowed and cancelled any good they may have done.

    I am convinced they are as I was . . . a Witness by my own free will choice.

    They can be mean, egotistical, self-righteouse and stubborn. But without wanting to excuse any callous behaviour you or anyone else has experienced, remember they are locked into a cult with rules and laws covering every possible feeling, action, and circumstance. They are taught ova and ova again how to behave, how to treat insiders, and outsiders. There is no free choice. The average witness never contemplates leaving. They might get tired of living the life, but most acept there is no leaving. You can escape, like you would from a prison, but life will never be as a normal humans can be.

    You can always choose to be nice - there is no excuse for rudeness, but pity all witnesses who have never had to opportunity to see the real truth. They probably never will.

  • under74

    I think people have the free will to make their own choices as well but gets a little more complex when you're raised in the religion. One of the KHs I went had a number of people over the years that had breakdowns. Sure there could be a number of reasons for why someone has a nervous or mental breakdown, but I really think that when you stifle your feelings-- specifically empathy, sympathy, kindness --plain old human decency towards others it's bound to cause some kind of problem with the psyche.

  • Golf

    Right on under74. They don't allow you to be yourself. Your personal emotional growth is stunted. I could add more, but enough said.


  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby

    Brainwashed is as close as it comes

    My sister-in-law is a registered Mental Nurse. You would not beleive the amount of patients she deals with, that have been, or are still, JW's. There is many instances of people having mental breakdowns as they are unable to distinguish between whats being taught, and what is actually taking place. This is not an isolated area, I'm sure its the same worldwide.

    One incident that sticks out..(this is confidential ok,so keep to yourself....?) A young Sis' had got pregnant. Her Elder dad had insisted she had an abortion to save face, and she ended up in a mental hospital suffering a mental breakdown. You either get out...or you crack up.

  • frenchbabyface

    ok an exemple (with myself) not related to JW world but parenthood ...

    once I slaped my son (over and over ... I don't even remember how much time, in knowing that it was something I've told myself to not doing) I thought I was right (of course but I wasn't actually but that's the awfull detail) I'm not gonna tell the entire story it is not the point ... but the mean part of it all was this : I could have slaped him on the left and on the right chick one after the other ... NO ... On purpose I've choose to slap him over and over on the same chick ! ... And THAT WAS MEAN ... (the mean part was not about the why, but about the how).

  • frenchbabyface

    Well actually to be honnest I didn't realise it while I was doing it ... but just afterward (ooops) Is is because I knew I was wrong or not (I don't know - I don't remember the details and the order of my reasonning)

  • JustTickledPink

    take the religion away and I think most JWs would still have that mean streak. Maybe they're attracted to the religion because their behavior is actually commended.

    I emailed my mom and told her how she was so upset about the tsunami destruction and the poor orphaned kids and I said think about that on a global scale, can you really imagine god doing that? Because to me that is soooo heart wrenching. Her reply was,

    "Yes there will be bodies strewn over the earth.
    Just as the bodies of the Egyptian army was washed up on the beach the
    day after Moses and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. All those who
    don't want everlasting life will die anyway, so does it really matter?"

    When I read that email that she believes that it doesn't matter... I realized the callousness of the beliefs, but they are HER emotions.

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