singing at the meetings

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  • ezekiel3

    My favorite thing to do is mock the songs while I am singing them by inserting alternate words or clearly pronouncing the rediculously shortened words such as "pow'r" and "heav'n".

    Song 32:

    ...From house to house, from door to door, Jehovah's turd we spread. From town to town and farm to farm, Jehovahs sheep are bled...

    Song 29:

    ...Then forward, you Witnesses, ever wrong of heart! Rejoice that in God's work you too may have to fart!

    Just soften the consonants and they'll never hear it...

    Song 15:

    ...Live for the day when you'll say: "Life without end, I'll pass!"

    My favorite line of all the songs: "We will not be de-terred." You got that right.

  • kaykay_mp

    Yeah, that "Life Without End" song is my least favorite.

    When I was taking piano lessons, my grandma made it her goal to get me to play that. Everytime we had a get-together (read: Witless party), she would be like, "Hey, listen to her play Song #15!" and I would be like "oh, shite." The good thing about it was that I played those damned songs so much that I didn't even need the book after a time.



  • stopthepain

    thats funny kay kay,me and my other x jw friend always mockingly sing that song,makingn a crazy sign with our know that sign that someone is crazy.

  • the bandersnatch esq.
    the bandersnatch esq.

    I love singing, so it was the only part of the meeting I actually liked at all. The songs themselves weren't particularly good, and many parts are blatantly nicked from classical melodies, though I didn't mind as I got to exercise my vocal chords. My favorite one I remember was # 168, but I forget the title now. I remember I liked the simple yet effective piano melody. Now, of course, I wouldn't let the words pass my lips any more than I would poison.

  • filip

    You remember those really dramatic songs? The ones with a full orchestra and big drums, the doomsday songs. Like "The-end-is-near-satan-is-trying-to-tempt-us" and then BOM! BOM! BOM! from the drums, you know what Im talking about?

    And then all of the sudden in the middle of the song, it changes completely and goes crazy with christmasbells and happy days.

  • Honesty

    I enjoyed the songs but was a little disappointed that I never found "All Along the Watchtower" no matter how many times I thumbed through the songbook.

  • prophecor

    An elder and partner in crime in the ministry, he was such a dear treasure, we used to compete against each other in the singing of kingdom songs in the hall, we both took the ministry excessively seriously. Always in the front of the hall, and proud to sing to the top of our lungs.

    I truly believe we were almost fanatical in our devotion, and a means of proving to everyone else how spiritual we were, as opposed to those who showed no consideration for the music and often viewed those moments between the meetings as excuse for intermission, socializing and breaks for going to the toilet.

    I find it amazing when researching my history being JW, and how blindly I was in my devotion to everything JW.

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    When I was growing up there was a sister in the congregation who played the piano. She was and is an excellent player. One talent she lacked was the ability to read music. She played by ear only and knew every song in the old pink songbook by heart. One nice thing about her talent was that she would play the music the way she felt it should be played and it was truly wonderful. When it came time to sing songs, the congregation rocked in a joyful way. When the wbts replaced the pink songbook with the red one (I think I have the color right) she had to learn the new songs which sometimes caused a song substitution during the meeting. Say the song picked by brooklyn was 58 she would say "lets do 32 instead" and that was we thought. Somebody must have complained about the substituions because evntually during the meeting if the song selection was one she didn't know, there was no substitution but we had to sing to taped music. The volume of the singing was at least half of that which was produced when the piano was being played. One day word came from brooklyn that congregations should only use tapes of the music provided by the wonderful wbts musicians so that all congregations were singing the songs correctly or some sort of nonsense. The piano in the hall sat silent after that and one day it vanished, replaced by a couple of rows of chairs. What once was a congregation singing with a joyful noise (no kidding) was replaced with a bunch of people kind of mumbling along to canned crap. That is my memory of singing at the meetings.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    i always enjoyed the songs...i'd even sway to some of them, like "eyes on the prize", but then my big sister would pinch me into submission... now i think all those songs are L-A-M-E.

  • mkr32208

    I think I would like to go back to a meeting and sing the wrong verse at the top of my lungs... ya know maybe start with the middle verse then do the last verse then when everyone else is at the last verse you sing the first verse or maybe the middle verse again... or even better change with each line first line second verse then third then middle etc etc... the whole time as loud as you can!

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