My wife, or my remote...which?

by onacruse 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • outoftheorg

    Buster, now that's what I call a SOUL MATE!!

    Ya found a goodun.


  • searcher


    You really ought to bring Kate into your life more.

    Try this...

    Throw away the remote and just tell Kate when you want the channel changed.

    Then you cant be accused of being a remote hog or not talking to her

  • iiz2cool

    Let her have the damn remote! There's nothing on TV anyway!

    You control the computer!


  • morty


    and for the ones that know what I am talking about.....Heeeeeeeeeeeeere's your sign!!!!

  • Seven

    Craig, What ever happened to your thread: My wife, or my phone...which?

  • Valis

    Craig, What ever happened to your thread: My wife, or my phone...which?
    eh Kate said your life or the phone, that's wot! Sincerely, District Overbeer

  • bikerchic


    In defense of myself what I really said tonight honey is that I get half the sofa cuz lastnight you hogged the whole thing again..........and I also get the remote!

    He's a real remote hog and what's with not being able to stay on one channel as far as channel surfers go he hangs ten, good grief!

    Oh and honey while I was looking at JWD I also did a little shopping on the net and found this sofa. If we can get it in the door I think we can both lay on it to watch TV. This gal sure don't want no man size remotes to go with it though!


  • Leolaia

    I live with a male remote-lover. I say to him: Over my dead body...

    In the voice of Westley....

    DROP ... YOUR .... REMOTE ....

  • frankiespeakin

    My wifes the remote hog. But I hardly ever watch tv i just ask my wife what a show was about and she tells me. I can't stand commercials my wife has this thing going where she watches 2 shows simaltaniously and is able to miss most of the commercials. The only time I use the remote is when the programed channels or something changes and I fix it. I say let the women have control of the remote especially if it gets you more,, a you know.

  • prophecor

    I mean.......If you have to ask?

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