Ooops..Oh Harry..Not A Good Move.

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  • pepheuga

    fun out of horror, huh englishman? that must explain your laughing underneath that baseball cap.


  • Leolaia


    Father Orders UK's Harry to Visit Auschwitz-ReportThu Jan 13, 2005 09:23 PM ET

    By Peter Griffiths

    LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Prince Charles has ordered his son Harry to visit Auschwitz after he caused outrage around the world by wearing a Nazi uniform to a party, the Sun newspaper reported on Friday.

    The paper said heir-to-the-throne Charles was "incandescent with rage" with the 20-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth and wants him to make a private trip to the concentration camp to learn more about the holocaust.

    Jewish groups had demanded Harry go the camp in southwest Poland to make amends for wearing a swastika armband and an army shirt with Nazi regalia at a costume party on Saturday.

    The Sun, which broke the Nazi gaffe story on Thursday, quoted an unnamed royal source as saying that Prince Charles also told his older son, William, to travel with Harry to Auschwitz.

    "There will be no publicity and they will go with a Jewish charity," the source was quoted as saying in the Sun.

    "Their father has visited Auschwitz himself and believes Harry and William would both benefit by grasping a greater understanding of the horrors by actually visiting."

    The paper said William, 22, accepted part of the blame because he was present when Harry picked the Nazi costume in a hire shop before the private party in southwest England.

    A royal spokesman said he would not comment on any private conversations between Prince Charles and his sons, adding: "We wouldn't rule it out, we wouldn't rule it in."

  • Poztate
    In the 70's, we had lot's of FD parties and someone would always turn up as an SS officer or similar. It was just no big deal

    It was maybe no big deal for the "common" british people but THE ROYAL FAMILY. BS

    Millions died and suffered and this little prick can make "fun" of it all.

    Sorry ...Never will see the point.

    By the way I don't believe in "Royalty" They are the same as the GB. They set themselves up in power and then we are all supposed to kiss their ass because they are special. BS

  • frankiespeakin

    O come on!!! It was a costume party for christ sakes,,leave the poor guy alone. The news media sure know how to play with trivia.

  • Brummie

    Well in the words of his great great great granny... "Off with his head"...not that I'm being judgemental or anything.


  • Englishman

    ..and he was at a private party. Imagine if someone had taken a pic of Simon in his "apostate" T-shirt at my BBQ and posted it on the front of the Watchtower.

    Hang on.....ignore that, I'm just blathering nonsense.

    Oh well, publish and be damned!


  • FlyingHighNow

    I guess maybe I'm out of date here. In the 70's, we had lot's of FD parties and someone would always turn up as an SS officer or similar. It was just no big deal

    Then again, Brits do tend to make fun out of horror. Maybe it's a coping mechanism.


    Egads, Englishman, could it be that England is catching some of America's dreaded politically correct-ness? Now, that's a horror.

    Everyone should watch Mel Brooks' The Producers:

    "There are always holier-than-thou guys," says Brooks. "It's like, 'I care about those poor Jews and you don't.'" Brooks, who is Jewish, saw the results of Hitler's handiwork firsthand, while serving in the Army in Europe in World War II. "I didn't see the camps, but I saw streams of refugees. They were starving. It was horrible." Brooks attacked that horror with the only weapon he had?his wit."

  • Englishman



  • jeanniebeanz

    It was an utterly distasteful and insensitive thing for someone of Harry's status to do.

    Understandably, he is young and was just trying to be funny, but I think that it is good he is being shown how his actions have embarrassed his family.

    I can't imagine that the Queen was too pleased.


  • holly

    THE SUN - positively one of the most tacky newspapers. a true story - probably a rare achievement for the SUN.

    Poor little Harry. got to feel sorry for the kid. cant be the most natural enviroment to be raised in - everyone telling him what he should and shouldnt be doing - many of you could probably identify with that.

    and the poor kid lost his mother and now has aunty camilla and charlie to put up with, and blue eyed boy Wills. Must be terrible to be young and make a stupid mistake, then the whole world is on your back.

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