Ooops..Oh Harry..Not A Good Move.

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  • Sirona

    What is wrong with everyone on this thread!?

    ALL adults in this country (no matter how stupid) realise that the nazis were bad and killed millions of people. Harry as royalty will have been taught privately all about history, including the history of his family. He KNEW what he was doing - this is no honest mistake.

    The news showed an old man who had spent 22 months in captivity by the nazis....he was upset about this naturally because Harry represents the monarchy of our country. The man related how he'd seen nazis making women throw their own children onto fires.

    Harry should be ashamed. As a member of the royal family HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. As for anyone else wearing that outfit, that is up to them if they're going to a private party. But as for those raised to be in such a responsible and public position, I don't think it is appropriate.


  • Billygoat

    I have a feeling if somebody showed up at that party dressed as the guy driving Diana's car the night she died, it wouldn't be considered funny.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Hmmmm.....I recall from the history books his great uncle and aunt the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor had visited Hitler at his hideout at Brechtesgaden. Yeah,but his irascible old bugger of a Grand Father (Phil)fought hard and bravely against Germany in the Navy! I personally dont find it too offensive.If your gonna dress as a Nazi,you may as well dress in the Uniform of the Afrika korps.Ultimately their Leader Rommel is regarded as something of a Hero (i know, too strong a word admitedly)by some of the the Brits who fought against him.My old Granddad was at tobruk and said much the same thing.He most certainly wasnt a true Dyed in the wool Nazi and was even forced to commit suicide after being instigated in the 1944 plot to kill Hitler.

  • hillary_step

    It is not a secret that Royal's have only three brain cells to share amongst the whole collective. It was obviously not this kids turn to borrow one of the brain cells that evening.

    Still, when you have a father who is known internationally as an arrested adolescent and who can juggle his O' levels in one hand, what do we expect.


  • lonelysheep

    To me, he's a normal young adult. But going to any party anywhere with a swastika is just a stupid thing to do! What point was he trying to make?

  • Valis

    what a moron!

  • Pole

    let's face it. harry's an idiot. he may get away with it in a place like the UK, where the real svastika boys didn't walk the streets killing people often without a reason.

    If a son of a Polish politician did something like that they'd be both finished for a long time.


  • Valis

    Even as redneck as Texas can be if you wore that mess to a "fancy dress" party you prolly wouldn't last very long, and if seen in public with that mess on you would get a beat down plain and simple, even if you were royalty.


    District Overbeer

  • Gill

    Perhaps he really does need his ass kicking. My first thought was that his actions were attention seeking and I still think that, but making frivilous light of the representation of sheer evil is probably beyond the pale. What had he been smoking to posses him to wear that get up?

    He may have irreperably damaged his and his familys reputation. Do we see the fall of the monarchy along with the WTBTS? Only in time, methinks.

  • FlyingHighNow
    What point was he trying to make?

    Do you really think this kid was trying to make a point? It was a COSTUME party.

    E-man said:

    There's lots of fancy dress hire shops that cater for German uniforms over here. I guess you aren't meant to look too deeply though.

    And then to my comment:

    So then it seems to me that Prince Harry's intentions are being deliberately misinterpreted by the British media to embarrass him. Those shops probably have Musolini costumes, too

    E-man said:

    A spot-on assessment!

    Harrys OK. Good sportsman, bit of a rebel, not afraid of mixing it. Harrys OK. Good sportsman, bit of a rebel, not afraid of mixing it.

    I am amazed that anyone would place an sinister motive behind Prince Harry's choice in costume. As a member of the Royal Family, he might have thought his choice of costume out better, but he didn't. He's a youngster. Since when don't youngsters make blunders?

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