I took the "1914 Generation" prophecy seriously. Did you?

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  • Country_Woman

    I did, it was just something I wanted to believe badly.

    Every time when somebody passed away, I tried to comfort with: "who knows which pain or deception they have'nt to be endured now" and "they surely will have a second chance now"

    But then my mother died (born 1916) and a lot of the oldies in our congregation died. And they were expecting never to die.

    When my father died - it brought me nearer to the Watchtower becouse of the resurrection promise - his "second" chance.

    When my mother died - I drifted away.

  • unclebruce

    Country Woman,

    You shoulda got younger parents.

    sorry, uncle badtaste bruce

    Interesting point about wanting it to be .. no amount of wanting can make it so eh. After the great disapointment of 1975, on one hand we johnadubs were told that we'd run ahead by putting too much store in that year and on the other that armageddon hadn't come because we hadn't wanted it enough. Another guilt trip you may remember was that we hadn't worked hard enough to finish the preaching work. The society has an endless talent for using emotional blackmail and orwellian thinking.

    regards, unclebruce

  • Country_Woman

    Uncle Bruce, as you can imagine, I was'nt in a position to "choose"

    What's worse: I got in after 1975....

  • GermanXJW

    I was raised a JW. My father believed strongly in 1975 - which came and went. But he stayed a JW and also believed in 1914.

    Of course, I gace a fine witness in front of all the people in the office room and supported the teaching. I am sure they still think I am a moron.

  • unclebruce

    Understood country woman,

    One can't choose ones parents and ours were are best a touch mad, at worse completely insane.

    So how come you got in after 1975? No need to answer that - I'll go check out your posting history.

    pleased to meet you .. unc

    ps: your photos a tad misty - the ol' vacaline over the lens trick eh? wish I'd thunk of that lol.

  • unclebruce
    I am sure they still think I am a moron.

    Hey German JW don't let them think that - just tell 'em Armageddon did come in 1975 but it was a invisible! (some people take things sooo literally).

    cheers, unc.

    edited to say:... oops German X JW!!!

  • lawrence

    unclebruce - loved your pioneering stories, brought back memories. Yes, we were lifeblood to many disenfranchised folk; maybe we were the only people who listened to many of them, though we had our agenda. There are so many lonely folks in the world just waiting for someone to talk with, listen to, and even accept a BS, or rides to the KH.

    I bought 1914 date/chronology lock, stock, and barrel until I realized their past dates (Russell & Rutherford), and when I dove into Studies in The Scriptures I realized these bastards chameleon nature, their lies, deceit, and criminal behavior. May Crooklyn burn!

  • Erich


    I am 15 years older than you. And I`m in good standing as JW; though I didnt neither believe in the 1914-generation-story nor in the 1975-story. Same things didnt believe my whole family, and nonetheless(!) they didnt get df`d or da`d.. Furthermore, I do not believe in the story that there is neither a "king of the north" nor a "king of the south" at this moment... It`s not necessary to say, that I never got any "privilege" as servant or elder or else,-) And it is a pretty long time since those days, when I became baptized.


  • Erich


    .. 1914-generation was only a "figurative generation":

    I foretold it!

    Dont laugh. Its true, it was around 1991... 3 years before "new light" in 1994 I had a conversation with a "hard-core-JW". We discussed the 1914-topic, and my friend seemed to be very sad. (It was 77 years from 1914 on). I told him that in my opinion the WTBS will tell us in few years, that this 1914-generation is actually only a virtual, better said "figurative" generation - lasting 100 or 150 or 200 years, as long as needed. My friend became angry and frustrated, and for 2 years, he never said a word to me... until 1994...


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