I took the "1914 Generation" prophecy seriously. Did you?

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  • nicolaou

    I was born in 1964, a convenient 50 years after 1914. Even in my early teens I was doing the sums. I had a worse case scenario figured out - if the 1914 generation could apply to babies and even if they lived to be a 120, I would still only be about 70 years old after they'd all died!

    I figured that I was part of the first wave of 'Jehovah's people' that really would live to see the New Order - guaranteed!! No matter how bad things got in this system, I only had to remain faithful and I would make it to the next.

    Look at me now, a rabid apostate destined to die at Armageddon.

    What did I know?

  • City Fan
    City Fan


    I was going through some old boxes in my attic a few months ago and discovered some old song lyrics I'd written when I formed a rock band at school around 1986 (obviously kept secret from my parents). Apart from the lyrics being truly awful (as the songs were from what I remember) I was amused to find a plan of action for world domination for the band.

    I had set the date 1993 as the year to call it a day. I think I set this date because the year after was 1994 and I must have thought the big A would come that year! (80 years from 1914!)

    Talk about cognitive dissonance! Although forming a rock band at school had opened myself up to new ideas, friends and possibilities, I was still indoctrinated enough in the JW religion to believe I only had until 1994 to become the biggest rock band in the world.

    1995 came and went. The big A failed to happen, and thankfully I'd failed in my musical quest. (I'd hate to have inflicted my guitar playing on the rest of the world!)


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    Same with me and the 1975 hype. I know so many ex dubs that put all their faith in the 1914/1975 dates. I am sure if you asked them they would say the same thing as me that they fell away due to the WT broken proficies.


  • JustTickledPink

    I was born in 1974 so I was ever closer... I remember distincly my mother yanking me out of elementary school and home schooling me from the age of 11 on. She told me that she was teaching me to be a missionary because I would never need the world's secular education. I would never make it to my teens and if I did, I never would need a career in "this system" .... I honestly believed with all my heart that I wouldn't ever go to college, get a real job, etc. I was indoctrinated to believe I would just work enough to "make ends meet" until the end came.

    I was 20 years old in 1994 and that is when I quit going out in service and by 21 I was finished.

    But until that time I believed it as much as I believed in gravity, it was a for sure thing.

  • Panda

    I was baptised in 1978 and wholly believed in the 1914 date. But didn't find it hard to give that up. (along with everything else)

  • unclebruce

    Good post Nicolaou,

    I was born in 1957. Very few JW's of the '60's & '70's did not take the 1914/1975 prophesies seriously (we hid our doubts, kept 'studying our babylon the great, finished mystery, truth books .. and door knocked as much as we could)

    I rejected a scholarship to university , left school on my 15th birthday to 'regular pioneer'. The Truth book said we were "in the last days" and we sold placed as many of those vbooks as we could! In 1973 the society had a series of tracts produced which we were to "place" with everyone - no matter what. Circuit Overseers stressed that "the great tribulation was just around the corner" and the last of these tracts would read something like "Too late sucker your dead" People sold their homes and went to "serve where the need was greater". Others bought new flash motor cars on Hire purchase (barely concealing there hope that Armagedon would soon render the agreement null & void.

    Me I worked two days a week labouring & pioneered on bicycle, then old cars around Adelaide and country towns & outback South Ausrtralia. I even spread the urgent message to parts of outback Queensland and Papua New Guinea. Nothing could stand in the way of the truth .. I witnessed illegally in airforce bases & restricted military zones, snuk into catholic seminary's to give trainee preists the good news. I borded foreign ships, sometimes with permission, othertimes definetly not (the height of the cold war probably wasn't the best time to upset Russian Naval officers)

    I was threatened with police, guns, dogs, cars, being thrown overboard, .. water hosed, had peaches thrown at me (by a lovable old witch) shot at by a guy with no legs .. bitten by a horse .. sunburned, collapsed in the desert from heatstroke .. cut and bruised falling off my bicycle .. suffered leeches, centipeed bites .. all because "we were living in the Last Days of this old system" (Days not to be taken literally but "Armageddon was definitely months away but not years")

    Sure we took the 1914 thing seriously - we were deluded and seduced, happy to be living in momentous times - any JW who says otherwise either wasn't there or ...perhaps isn't really here.

    Some of my greatest and happiest memories are of my time as a brainwashed JW "serving Jehovah in my youth. (good thing, thanks to my violent & insane parents, my life had another side though .. swimming, scuba diving, fishing, camping, hunting, ice skating to rock 'n roll on saturday night .. those were exciting times .. the memories of growing up a JW prior to 1975 were far from all bad.

    Witnessing also had its fun side .. getting to see how rich and poor people lived ..imigrants and old folk unburdening their life stories on us strangers .. countless cups of tea and biscuits with bible respecting lonely old ladies, beer and spirits with workers & sailors (who come to think of it many a sailor may have been more attracted to us young blokes than our watchtower message :/ .. preaching to the high and mighty of "babylon the great" .. politicians, businessmen, street people.. mad people ..shopkeepers .. settling into bean bags, bible in one hand, herbal tea in 'tother, chewing the philosophical fat with with dope smok'n hippies .. meeting the wildmen of PNG (who rolled their bush cigarettes with pages from the bible - I'm yet to think of a better use for a new world translation .. bogroll?) .. aboriginals .. italians, greeks, yugoslavs ... thousands of interesting people .. thousands of people I hope never recogise me on the street today - What a dumb jerk was I!!

    cheers all, unclebruce

    PS: In the '90's several of my sisters assured me they'll leave when the clock clicks over 2014 and the 1914 elastic has definitely lost its stretch ..lol

  • Joyzabel

    I remember so many bible studies I would teach the whole 607-1914 thing. (remember that chapter in the old Truth? book?!) When I learned 607-1914 was not based on scientific/archeology fact but WT BS, that was when the house of cards fell hard for me.

    But I've picked myself up and dusted myself off and learned critical thinking. And boy am I free!


  • ddean3673

    I was born in 1973, raised a JW, so was very real to me. The thing that makes me the most angry is because of it I didn't plan for my future and was never taught properly about money and work, no education, no IRA (which would be worth close to $85K now, but loses me over $350,000 when I'm 65). My ex's parents don't own a thing and they are in their mid 60's, totally dependent on their kids and own nothing. Everyone will go in debt just to put them in the ground...oh, but the end will come before that, right?

    It's like a big chunk of the normal social development the rest of the world got is missing. We have to play catch up constantly, but fortunately for us we were taught to learn so well, it's easy to "fake it".

    I think that is the thing that cost me the most, not losing contacts, blah blah blah, but my future I could have had.


  • Englishman
    I was threatened with police, guns, dogs, cars, being thrown overboard, .. water hosed, had peaches thrown at me (by a lovable old witch) shot at by a guy with no legs .. bitten by a horse .. sunburned, collapsed in the desert from heatstroke .. cut and bruised falling off my bicycle .. suffered leeches, centipeed bites

    LOL! I guess that's why they call you "Lucky" Uncle Bruce, hmm?


  • unclebruce

    Hey English - how dare you laugh at my misfortunes!! (JWs weren't allowed to have any luck - you should know that!

    Actually even bad 'experiences' give good memories - the old witch that threw the peaches (her great big blackboard with cycles of the moon & planets scribbled all over it had me fascinated and I made a point of visiting her .. she studied me and pronounced me good but freaked out at my pioneer partner (the real unclebruce) - put a curse on him! (well, he was wearing a sheepskin coat)

    wisewoman: and what's your name?

    Pioneer partner: Bruce


    and on she screamed and cursed as we backed away down her drive (poor ashen faced bruce refused to accompany me to her place after that lol - great memories - love to meet her again and give her a big pagan hug .. lol


    ps: I shouldn't laugh too loud - i think a nasty looking witchdoctor cursed me in Goroka PNG .. rattled some bones at me and didn't look too happy at this young white boy anyway lol.

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