I took the "1914 Generation" prophecy seriously. Did you?

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  • candidlynuts

    i was born in 1964 too.

    my great grandmother believed

    my grandmother believed

    my dad believed (and served 4 yrs in prison as a conscientous observer)

    i believed.

    my kids believe still (workin on that but their dad has them) :(

    add all that belief together what do you have? NOTHING.

    i too was in awe of the fact that before i finished high school the new system would be HERE! ( from the time i remember i heard talks directed at kids "isnt it great that YOU kids are going to see the end of this wicked system of things before your ADULTS?"

    still makes me want to cry.

  • Jaypeeto

    I absolutely took it seriously, as I did all WTS teachings until about 5 years after I was DF'd. Then I began reading "apostate" (yeah, right) literature, and the Bible by itself, etc., and learned of the Society's continuous flip-flops, and around 1988 I realized the Society was a complete fraud.

    Love, Jaypeeto

  • Khazar

    Yeah. I believed it hook, line and sinker. Even married in 1975 to be "in harmony with the organization". However, it had been some time since I had attended a KH meeting. I married a non-witness and was promptly disfellowshipped for behavior unbecoming a Christian. I can appreciate the humor and irony of that.

    K bad to the bone!

  • OICU8it2

    Hey, why not write a book and include your thoughts as you discovered what the borg really is? Love to hear more, so many parallels.

  • cyberguy

    Hi Nic!

    Yea, I believed it, ?hook, bait, and sinker!? Actually, the ?generation? teaching that went-along with it has been one of the most devastating things in my life! How about yours? I made so many poor decisions from early life (early teens) until I figured-out it was all a bunch-of-crap, unfortunately later in life! Anyway, I?m 8 years older than you, but you must have just turned ?40!? When you hit the big ?4 ? O, isn?t that an eye-opener to the truthfulness of Watchtower proclamations?

    I?m glad I?m out, although not DF?d or DA?d (yet)!

    Take care!


  • garybuss

    Kingdom Ministry 3/1968 p.4
    " there are only about ninety months left before the 6000 yr of man's
    existence on earth is completed...The majority of people living today
    will probably be alive when Armageddon breaks out.."


    Awake! 1993 3/22 p. 4 Why So Many False Alarms? ***
    Jehovah?s Witnesses, in their eagerness for Jesus? second coming, have suggested dates that turned out to be incorrect. Because of this, some have called them false prophets. Never in these instances, however, did they presume to originate predictions ?in the name of Jehovah.? Never did they say, ?These are the words of Jehovah.? The Watchtower, the official journal of Jehovah?s Witnesses, has said: ?We have not the gift of prophecy.? (January 1883, page 425) ?Nor would we have our writings reverenced or regarded as infallible.? (December 15, 1896, page 306) The Watchtower has also said that the fact that some have Jehovah?s spirit ?does not mean those now serving as Jehovah?s witnesses are inspired. It does not mean that the writings in this magazine The Watchtower are inspired and infallible and without mistakes.? (May 15, 1947, page 157) ?The Watchtower does not claim to be inspired in its utterances, nor is it dogmatic.? (August 15, 1950, page 263) ?The brothers preparing these publications are not infallible. Their writings are not inspired as are those of Paul and the other Bible writers. (2 Tim. 3:16) And so, at times, it has been necessary, as understanding became clearer, to correct views. (Prov. 4:18)?February 15, 1981, page 19.


    If the Society does not claim to be a *real* prophet; a true prophet
    - then wouldn't that mean that there isn't *any* actual prophet on earth today?
    The only other source of prophets would be "Babylon the Great,"
    wouldn't it? Isn't the Watchtower Society the only possible
    source of a real prophet? But if they deny being such a prophet,
    then wouldn't that mean that there isn't one single prophet on
    earth today? (Don Cameron)

  • Brummie

    Believed every last word of it!


  • Poztate
    I spent another 4 years still believing.

    That is the shitty part about the borg.A great number of people leave but are still TRUE BELIEVERS. The first time you are truly free is when you can look at an event like 9/11 and not go "GASP" it's .....

    my dad believed (and served 4 yrs in prison as a conscientous observer)

    My Dad also went to jail in WW 2...he was a true believer and never gave it up.What good did it do him???Just before he died they changed the "generation doctrine" This was the carrot on the stick that he followed for most of his life.When they took it away in 95 the spark went out of him and he died less than a year later.

  • nicolaou

    Hi Cyberguy

    You're right about the bad decisions. Not valuing a secular education and choosing the 'career' of pioneering over something more financially and intellectually rewarding are choices I and my family have to live with - as do so many others. As for turning 40, I don't know. I have a horrible feeling that if my eyes hadn't been opened almost against my will [that's a whole other story, I'll tell it another time] that I would by now be an elder! Too depressing.

    I too am not DA'd or DF'd. To be honest, if it weren't for my Mum, brother, sisters and cousins, I'd almost look forward to the day when they do disfellowship me.

  • onacruse


    As a high-school sophomore, one of the very few "worldly" friends I had at the time asked me: "Craig, what will you do when 1975 comes, and the end of the world doesn't?"

    Of course, he had no idea that I tied 1914 and 1975 together.

    He subsequently became a math professor at an eastern university; I subsequently became a janitor at Bethel.

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