Regarding Dates---Have The Witnesses Ever Been Correct On Any Of Them?

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  • minimus
    I can't think of any chronology that has not been changed. Even their "absolute" dates are suspect.ūüźī
  • eyeuse2badub

    They always get the memorial date and the first new moon correct! so do millions of jews! lol

    just saying!




                                                The Day The WatchTower Got a "Date" Right..

                    It Looks and Tastes like a Date..

                               I THINK IT`S A DATE..




  • Hairtrigger
    Outlaw! As usual you are inimitably hilarious!!
  • Dagney

    LOL Outlaw!

    Min, that's one of the questions I kept asking JW friends for a few years before I left.  "Just give me one thing uniquely JW they got right."  Crickets.

  • Simon

    Only when it's something like when their own assembly or meeting will be.

    Other than that, nada. Nothing they have ever predicted has come to pass. They even manage to get things wrong when they write things in retrospect - that's quite an achievement!

  • OneEyedJoe
    I often wonder how many jws there would be had they not gotten lucky with 1914.  They got thee month wrong, but that kept me thinking "what if they're right?" for a long time.
  • EndofMysteries
    Russell taught that Israel would be restored to the Jews and as a nation.  It's funny that about 3 years before that actually happened, Rutherford dropped that doctrine saying that's ridiculous and it's only symbolic. It's like God make it happen then just to show extra proof that WT isn't lead by him, nothing they say happens and then when they drop a doctrine, it happens! lol 
  • blondie

    Has the WTS every corrected a date retroactively?


    *** w04 2/1 p. 21 par. 13 ‚ÄúThe Scene of This World Is Changing‚ÄĚ ***

    Bible prophecies are often fully understood only after they are fulfilled or are in the process of fulfillment,

    *** w51 7/1 p. 399 par. 5 Release to the Captives ***

    5 There cannot be any doubt concerning these Daniel-recorded prophecies‚Äô coming to pass in these ‚Äúlast days‚ÄĚ, because it is so stated. It is further established that prophecy may be understood only after it has been fulfilled or during the course of its fulfillment. No matter who tried to grasp the meaning of these visions they could never know until Jehovah the ‚Äúrevealer of secrets‚ÄĚ (Dan. 2:47) disclosed them by bringing the actual events to pass.


  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
     "I often wonder how many jws there would be had they not gotten lucky with 1914.  They got thee month wrong, but that kept me thinking "what if they're right?" for a long time."  Actually they unpredicted 1914. The exact opposite of what they predicted including no international war on that date was the most humiliating thing that could have happened to them.  Let me give the general background on the original 1914 teaching. They thought that the last days was the time period between 1799 and 1914. Armageddon was supposed to have been a 40 year period dating from 1874 to 1914. It did not consist of war, famine and earthquakes like  Matthew 24:6-7 clearly stated but it was to be a 'social' Armageddon with an escalating dissolution of society due to social unrest culminating with downright fratricide between government, false religion, unions and what have you. According to them the prophecy of Matthew 24 referred to the last 1800 years beginning with Jesus' statement. 1914 was supposed to be the beginning of the Millennium which was to usher a period of peace.   Here is the unprediction part. The Watchtower in the years leading to 1914 specifically said that there would be no wars in the time period of Armageddon or if it did happen it would be of minor significance. The Watchtower in the 1880s made that statement because its readers started thinking that there would be war because the political situation in Europe looked like there would be an outright war which would involve all of Europe. The reason those readers thought that was because the newspapers of that time kept mentioning how volatile Europe was.  Charles Russell's response was that which I mentioned above. No world war or insignificant war by 1905. The reason he said that was based on his 'social' Armageddon which had no room for a war in which a victor would come out. Such a belief in war would have delayed the meticulous 1874 - 1914 prophecies in which there were to be no victors at all but the culmination of Armageddon where all nations would have sunk into chaos and self destruction. Since 1914 was supposed to have been the beginning of Jesus peaceful reign everything Russell predicted about Armageddon had to have happened by 1914.  As the years approached 1914 without that 'social' Armageddon happening Russell, in 1905, seeing that nothing was happening as he predicted had a change of mind. in 1905 (If I remember correctly.) he spoke of a final "windup" in which everything that he predicted would accelerate and happen in a few years before or slightly after 1914. Still no wars, earthquakes or famine, but the same 'social' Armageddon. So guess what happened and on what date it happened? They claimed, after the start of the war, that they predicted what was to be World War I! It was some years afterwards that the organization dumped everything that Russell predicted and claimed that 1914 was the beginning of the end - bye bye 1799. This was the original 1914 which flopped big time but was salvaged later on with the last generation argument that they changed in the 1990s. Nothing, absolutely nothing including WWI came to pass as he predicted.  Russell died in 1916 without changing the text from his book The Time is at Hand even though he had extensively changed all the minor secondary prophecies about the 40 year period of 1874 - 1914 in multiple editions of his 6 volume series. My sources are the book by Carl Jonsson The Gentile Times Reconsidered: Chronology and Christ's Return, Russell's book The Time is at Hand and the original bound volumes of the Watchtower.  

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