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  • blondie

    Marocs, I would try and stay calm and contact someone at the congregation she goes to. Do they have a phone number? Call and set up and appointment to meet with them to discuss what the duties are of a Jehovah's Witness wife and mother. Or talk to them on the phone and tell them what you have said here.

    I grew up in a family where my mother was a witness and my father was not. If she is neglecting the family, then she is not fulfilling her Christian duties as a mother and housewife. Never is the preaching work to be done and neglect that.

    I just have to ask if she thinks you have been forbidding her to go in the preaching work or attend the meetings. If so, she might think she has to keep it a secret.

    She might be telling the witnesses things that are not true too. According to the Jehovah's Witnesses, you are still the head of the family even if you aren't a witness yourself and she is to be a good wife and mother.


  • MustangGT

    The JW's had their own clean-up crew that worked at the end of the day. When the convention was over, my father and his crew cleaned up what the JW crew left behind; which was plenty. Most of it was copies of the NWT and "Sing Praises to Jehovah" but there were also notebooks, audio cassettes, programs, name tags, Watchtowers, and Awake's.

    There is little that I want to add to my collection. Perhaps some of Rutherford's books. Nothing new seems collectable. The paperbacks which seem to have replaced the hard-covers, I have are "Knowledge", "Draw Close to Jehovah","Isaiah's Prophecy I and II", and "Worship God".

    The church I teach at is in the Madison area. I also teach about the Jews, Muslims, Mormons, and Catholics among other things. I don't insult or make fun of these religions. I just teach what they believe. Little or none of which can't be found online.

  • Hondo


    Your comment,

    "As her husband, according to WT rules, you are still the head of the family and she should be telling you about her activities and not just leaving. She is required to get all her home duties taken care of and not neglect the children in order to do this preaching."

    I couldn't disagree more with.

    After 20 years of a good marriage my wife joined the JW's. She kept her initial meeting attendance and "free" bible study a secret from me (I found out about her partership with the JW's about 9 months after her initial contact. I would have found out sooner had I not been away at sea). I was in the Navy at the time (she started back in 1994), and it wasn't until I discovered a few of her books, watchtower and awake magazines that I knew for sure that she was in pretty deep. Upon confronting her all she could do was recite bible verses to me. She was a totally different woman Anyway, I don't think she knew, or just did not follow, the WT rules on marriage, respecting her husband, etc. I felt as though she had divorced me and took the WT Society as her mate. Even though I knew of her involvement, she rarely told me when she attended meetings or went out to sell magazines. I felt I had become a second class citizen, an "object", in her life. If I wanted to go to dinner or just go out with her on one of her meeting nights, guess what, she went to the meeting. On one occasion I got very angry with her and told her to stay home, that we were going out. She reluctantly said ok, but called an elder, or someone else in authority, to let them know that she would not be making this particular meeting. Not 10 seconds after hanging up the phone she was on her way out, saying something about her going to die, as she darted out the door, and off to her meeting. I did not try to stop her.

    I put up with it for a few years but finally got tired sharing part of my life with the JW's and WT Society. We were divorced about a year and half ago, something she was elated about.

    I guess not all the loving JW's follow the rules.

  • Aude_Sapere
    I guess not all the loving JW's follow the rules.

    That's the point. And it's a bit of a double life.

    Funny position those women are in. Got the best of both worlds. The sympathy of the congregation for having an un-believing mate and yet that poor guy is working like a dog and being ill-treated by his witness wife. These guys seem to really care to support those lazy, selfish, heartless women.

    What a SCAM!!

    I'm so glad Blondie clued the poster in to what she is expected to do.

    Sorry. Really slayed me to read how his wife neglected their family. Sheesh!!

  • blondie

    Very interesting, MustangGT. I haven't found the recent books much more than a cut and paste of previous WT publications. BTW, you realize this is an ex-JW board, right? While some of us are still attend, we no longer accept without question everything Witnesses teach. But I am knowledgeable about the facts and history of the Watchtower organization. Please feel free to send me a private message on this board if you have any others or post them again. The WT Society tends to mislead people about their activities.

    Love, Blondie

    Thanks, Hondo. I will admit that some JWs individually take their relationship with their husbands/wives (non-JW) to a point where they mislead the other JWs about their relationship. My mother used to tell the brothers that my father forbid us to go to the meetings when we were missing meetings because my mother had other things she preferred to do.

    Marcos, remember to stay calm and show love but get to the bottom of this with the people at the Kingdom Hall. Witnesses are told to expect "persecution" at every point and that it is a sign they are a "good" Christian.

  • MustangGT

    Thank you Blondie,

    I do realize this is an ex-JW board. I figured I could get honest, peer-checked answers here. I didn't figure a current JW would provide much inside info. I will use you as a resource. Thanks.

  • Hondo


    I emphathize with you. Before I was divorced there were times when my then wife would just take off stating that she was going to the shopping center or something. She'd be gone for 5 or 6 hours before returning home. I came to find out later that she was at a JW friends home. As with you, my ex also took my two children with her to the KH, or wherever she went. Luckily, nothing took hold, and both kids, now grown, are normal and leading decent lives without the JW's or WT Society.

    As I understand it, and not being a JW I'm not totally clear on this (can a ex-JW on this string clarify), JW's are allowed to lie to someone, including husbands and family, if they feel a person, or persons, is not authorized to know something they consider WT or JW proprietary. I'm positive my ex lied to me quite a few times and felt, at least from I could tell, quite alright about it. The JW's/WT packaged, wrapped and bundled my ex-wife up quite well.

    It's funny, but I still love her and always will. After divorce she did not move too far away, and when I run into her from time-to-time, she always interjects somehwere in our conversation that I'm going to be sorry because the end will soon be here.

    The best to you Marcos. I hope everything works out ok for you.

  • upside/down

    Be careful- I had a wife similar to that, turns out she was into"boinking" while counting her "time", even had my kids with her at times.

    I find the concept of "counting time" repulsive and a perversion of anything Christlike.


  • Poztate
    They used to urge each one to do at least 10 hours a month.

    AH...The good old days.They used to have a part on the SM whey they displayed a chart.It showed the national average for hours in service and also showed how your congregation was doing. A major guilt trip was layed upon you do do at least as much as the national average.

    You know god would not be pleased if you could not live up to the national average.Why does SM remind me of S & M

  • stillajwexelder

    SM - SadoMasochism?

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