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  • Mulan
    Would she have an hourly quota?

    They used to urge each one to do at least 10 hours a month. I am not sure now if they still do that. One hour a month keeps you on the regular list. Elderly and infirm can do 15 minutes, as was said before.

  • blondie

    Well, marcos,

    Usualy, JWs are required to attend 5 meetings a week.

    The congregation book study, usually held in someone's home but sometimes at the kingdom hall, is for one hour and they study some WT book of the moment. The date and time varies but it usually on Tuesday night around 7:30 p.m.

    The theocractic ministry school and service meeting are held together and last 2 hours and is usually on Thursday night at 7:30 though this varies if 2 congregations share one building.

    The public talk and Watchtower study are held together and last 2 hours and are usually held on Sunday morning around 9:30 or 10. This too can vary and some meet in the afternoon.

    As the preaching times, traditionally witnesses meet Wednesday mornings (around 9 am) and Saturday mornings (with the people from the book study on Tuesday) around 9 to 9:30. Witnesses are encouraged to stay out 2 hours at least but some find even an hour too long to handle.

    As her husband, according to WT rules, you are still the head of the family and she should be telling you about her activities and not just leaving. She is required to get all her home duties taken care of and not neglect the children in order to do this preaching.

    She could be preaching other days as long if this congregation has times set up or she could be going with someone on her own.

    Any quota would be a personal one she has set though JWs are encouraged to go out once a week which would be about 2 hours/week.

    You will find that many witnesses leave very little literature with people because, one, many people are not home, and two, many people are not interested.

    I hope this helps,


  • marcosgarcia

    Ok so a JW does not have to become aPioneer unless they decide to?

    Does this mean the canvassing is optional and all JWs are NOT required to go door to door?

  • Mulan

    All baptized JW's are required to devote some time to the preaching work. It doesn't have to be door to door, but it usually is.

    Pioneering is definitely NOT required.

    I agree with Blondie though. You are still her head, even if you are not a JW. They will tell her she has to obey you, unless you seriously inhibit her participation. I remember a young woman whose husband was not a JW, and he forbid her to go door to door, so she went on Bible studies with others.

  • blondie

    Pioneering is not required but

    All witnesses are required to spend some time in the preaching work each month.

    15 minutes at least for the elderly and sick; an hour a month for the rest.

    If you do not report time for one month you are labeled '"IRREGULAR"

    And if you do not report time for 6 months you are labeled 'INACTIVE" and are no longer counted as a Jehovah's Witness.

  • MustangGT

    I am a Sunday School teacher (8th grade) and I'm preparing some lessons on the WBTS; its beliefs, practices, and history. I have been doing this for over ten years now. I wanted to verify the field service hours before I presented them as fact. I have a very large collection of WT books including five of the six Millennial Dawn books. I have a complete set of "Studies..." with doubles and triples of some editions. I have several "Rutherford Records." My father was a janitor at the Dane County Memorial Collesium (Madison, WI) where the JW's hold their annual convention. He would clean up after them and bring me books, programs, name badges, and anything else of value. I have the S-4 (Field Service Report For _____), the S-8 "House to House Record", and the S-48 "Speech Counsel." I was quite a collector years ago, although I haven't added anything rare lately.


    When I was there it was 10hrs a month, getting a door slammed in your face.Now it`s 1hr per month?..Your average JW is sooooo full of shit the WBTS had to find some way to keep them regular..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • blondie

    Very interesting, mustangGT. Is the church you teach at in the Madison area? What did your father think of the witnesses at the convention? Those books are fairly old. I have all the Studies in the Scriptures and a whole lot more. But you are interested in current info, right?

    Outlaw, the 10 hour quota ended in 1973 as well as the requirements for literature placement, return visits, and studies.


    Thank`s Blondie.Must be just about the time I left..Now I can tell my relatives they only need 1hr per month,so shut up already..LOL!...OUTLAW

  • marcosgarcia



    No she does not tell me where she goes and when. Just yesterday a workman was coming by in the morning to do some home repairs and she said she would not be home to receive him, I asked where would she be and she said not here.

    No she does not tell me with whom she meets. She has an elderly lady freind. When I asked who she was she said a friend and that is all. Turns out the woman is a very old JW that sells books (per my kids). When she walks by the house, my spouse runs out to catch her and walk with her. I think she might be an annoited one, but I don't know. She keeps me in the dark, so she is not following any of the rules you mention.

    Takes care of her home duties and the children?!!! LOL LOL -- I am always left at home with my kids (3), I prepare meals, clean the house, make sure they bathe and brush, put them to bed, take them to church... they see very little of her. She spends endless hours reading JW iterature closed up in her room or on the phone to JW friends and family.

    She also takes my youngest somewhere. My youngest will not tell me where they go and what they do it is a secret becasue daddy doesn't understand. I have no idea what she is doing. One night she said she was gong to see a sick JW friend. and left me withthe children. I suspected something and went to a local restaurant where she was dining with three other JW one male 2 female. Explanation: the sick person was too ill to recieve visitors. She does not folow anyof the things you say. Can I turn her in? In your experience do the elders take outsiders serious and will they talk to her?

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