Amsterdam: What are the best coffeeshops for an American tourist?

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  • new light
    new light

    Well, I'll be in England in a few weeks which means, of course, a trip to sample the goodies in Amsterdam. Can anyone recommend the best coffeeshops/smartshops for a bumbling tourist? P.S.: I'm not in it for the coffee.

  • GermanXJW
  • Country_Woman

    LOL, ask Abaddon: he obvious knows where to find one -

  • lawrence

    Many have themes (rock bands, others are local, others are tourist traps - walk around, dig the town, and you'll get the groove. Been there 5 times, and each trip different. They have maps with the spots located for you, as well as writeups. Weekday nights are calm, weekends are more international and wilder. The Bulldog had over 5 establishments the last time, but I avoid them - they're "cookie cutter" but have great brownies. The Official Coffeeshop Guide is available everywhere and will clue you in. An hour there, and you'll feel real familiar.

  • the_classicist

    I don't condone that, but (since i'm a patriot) why don't you come to Vancouver, British Columbia. I mean you can buy 'goodies', smoke it anywhere, and if you get 'caught' by the police, usually the worst they do is take it away.

  • lawrence


    Planning a trip in the spring. You know why you don't condone it? You can't! You can't condemn, you can't condone, you can't do anything? Cause it is ... I am.

  • new light
    new light

    Thanks for the tip, Classicist. I do plan on visiting B.C. someday. I will be in Europe for another reason altogether, though, and figured I'd visit Amsterdam while I am so close. It's been a personal dream of mine for years.

  • new light
    new light

    Oh, and Country Woman, thanks. I can't believe I missed that thread!

  • Vivamus

    Well, i know that some foreign friends of mine went to Amsterdam without a map or any clue on where to get some stuff, and within two hours they were stoned mushrooms, high as a kite. So don't worry, you'll find a cool place within no time at all. Can't give you names cuz i don't smoke it


    Blue Bubblegum Girl

  • Robdar

    Betty Boops is my favorite coffeeshop.

    There are several head shops also. You can find anything from mushrooms to herbal X to cocoa leaf to nibble on.

    BTW, if the "coffee shop" is spelled "kauffe" (or maybe that's "kaffee" cant remember cause it's been a few years) it's a regular tea/coffee house. Do not go in and ask to see the "menu" unless you are looking to grab a bite to eat.

    Have fun. I'm totally envious.


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