No more meetings for me!

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  • Balsam

    Yes when I finally understood the wrongness of the WTBTS and meetings of JW's it was sickening to me. I actually would get physically sick and gagging at meetings. It just seems to be apart of the process of getting free. Your not alone in how you feel.


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I know exactly how you feel. With me it was even thinking about going to the meeting, I would literally get a panic attack. Just the thought of stepping through those doors sent me in a tizzy.


  • GetBusyLiving27

    I felt the same sort of way. I remember once during a public talk realizing that everything the speaker said was BS, and breaking out into a sweat. I remember how close I was to just running out of there - it was like a panic attack! I understand how it is for you.

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    I find a good internal yelling of BULL $#!+ to whatever is being said works wonders (^_^)

  • whyamihere

    I am Happy you are Happy!

    Just follow your heart. Like I did.


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    welcome to "the other world"


  • Mastodon

    Welcome to the ranks Cyber!!!

  • what_Truth?

    Had that feeling about 7 years ago when I went to the hall for my JW sister's wedding. What struck me the most was the droning way everyone sang the Kingdom songs. It's not like those songs where that great to begin with, but it's a little scary to mumble "marriage is god's arrangement" while sounding like a bunch of broken down robot toys with cheap batteries. Then of course you always have that one fat brother in the back that thinks he's Pavarati or something. (In case you're wondering I left the org right before I was due to get baptized so technicaly I'm still good asociation.)

    The best part was that when I held my marriage and reception at an Anglican Church a couple years later she and her husband where conveniently out of town. A fine example for anyone thinking of joinging the org.

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    Good for you!

    Sick feeling? You bet. I'm surprised you made it this long on the board and still went to meetings here and there!

    Best wishes to ya bud


  • mkr32208

    Yep, Last time I stepped in a KH was for the memorial last year and I felt really ill and claustrophobic... funny I can dive into a water filled cave and jam myself into a tiny little hole with no problem and yet entering a huge building makes me phob-up... must be 'cause I am da devil bobby bushay!

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