No more meetings for me!

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  • cyberguy

    Well, after being out-of-town for nearly 2 months, I?ve decided I can no longer go to any meetings after returning home (not that I was going to that many beforehand). I?m not sure what is happening to me, but I?ve actually developed an aversion to anything "Watchtower!" I cannot even read the literature, including current Awake and Watchtower magazines, without getting extremely nauseous! I mean, I get physically sick! I?m not joking here! Has anyone experienced this?

    I just wanted to thank all those on this board (and the H20 board prior?in a prior life) for all the encouragement and kindly remarks over the years! I think I?m going to be okay now!



  • Valis

    good for you man! You know, I really think many times a person's church or religious ritual becomes more like a second job than a moment of reverence. I look back at my childhood and see it was more automiton than it was a real interest in going. I place that next to my experience going to all the big cathedrals and churches when I visited the UK and realll the only thoughts I can come up with are "why is being in a place of such reverence and beauty a bad thing?"...Just like being outside in a moment of visible beauty places of worship can do the same thing. Astound and make one be humble and wonderous at the same time.


    District Overbeer

  • AlanF

    Of course! The last few years I managed to attend Sunday meetings, I felt physically ill afterwards. Almost always it was due to the continually reemphasized realization that JWs were ignorant liars, foisting on their gullible listeners nonsensical notion upon nonsensical notion.


  • Gill

    Good for you Cyberguy!

    Now, start living. I think we all seem to come to that point when we know the truth about 'the troof'. You finally just can't take it anymore and when you reach that point it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Your eyes have been opened and you can't go back home.

    I found at that point that life actually began. It's been very good since I stopped attending and life gets freer every day.

    Good lucl. Gill

  • Miss_MG

    That is how I felt three years ago last November I walked out of the Kingdom Hall and said to my husband that is the last time I will ever set foot into ahall again and I havent and so much better for it

  • candidlynuts

    i had that icky nauseous feeling picking up a watchtower after a couple of years. i consider myself semi well read. i read a lot anyway and i was sick about how elementary the writing is. whats the difference between their "milk" and "solid food". both are unappetizing.

  • xjw_b12

    Good News Cyberguy. That makes you an exjw. Now you have to work on being an ex-ex-jw

  • Emma


    I know that "sick" feeling, too. Walking into my final meeting at the kh I felt nauseated entering the building. My daughter and I couldn't get out fast enough when it was over.

    This past Tuesday I saw the jw tv commercial for the first time. Seeing that "Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses" at the bottom of the screen brought back the sick feeling. Fortunately, it was before 6am so not too many people were watching.


  • cruzanheart

    Yep. I think we've all had that feeling -- it means you are free at last of the Watchtower addiction!


  • metatron

    I agree. The meetings can become unbearable after you know the truth about the "truth".

    You just sit there thinking "that's a lie, that's a lie too, and that's also a lie......."


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