GB are reading out posts?

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  • Gill

    This must mean they know about 'bullshit bingo'.

    But on a more serious and worrying note this means they know about Russell, Pyramidology and 607 BCE and still they continue?

  • heathen

    Gill --- To admit their mistakes would only be showing humility and if they show humility would mean losing control , people will begin to scrutinize everything and question their authority on spiritual matters , could you see a publishing corporation like them surviving members who discover that anarchy and using your own conscience in everyday life is the way things were meant to be ? The guilt trips wouldn't work anymore . People would be accountable to God instead of a man made corporation .

  • Gill

    I can see what you mean heathen.

    But to me it's still pretty incredible that they know what they say is not true and still say it. It just amazes me.

    Then I hear my parents come out in a brainwashed drawl, 'we are a progressive organization'! Then I see that the Org could say just about anything and they would feel they had to accept it as guidance from God, gradually revealing his purpose to his mouthpiece the 'unfaithful and indiscreet slave'. I can get quite cross!!!!!

  • BluesBrother
    this means they know about Russell, Pyramidology and 607 BCE and still they continue?

    They may know the individual facts, but they fail to put it together to come to the right conclusion. Can you remember how hard it was to face the fact that it "Is just not true". It takes courage to think the unthinkable.

  • stillajwexelder

    I am absolutely 100% convinced the GB have assigned somebody to monitor this site. Articles have appeared addressing issues raised here and District Convention talks have been addresses at this site and Randys

  • frenchbabyface

    GB are reading out posts?

    good this is my message to them : SEE YOU IN HELL MF's

  • jgnat

    From reading everybody's speculation, I think it is safe to say that somebody in the writing department knows what we talk about here. I looked up the WT article in question, February 1'st, "Jehovah Always Does What is Right". As blondie has already commented on, the rank-and-file will interpret this to mean "Jehovah The Governing Body Always Does What is Right."

    Why oh why is Lot held up as such a stellar example? I find his entire life to be a sequence of bad decisions. He always picked the weaker way. So Peter counted him as righteous compared to his neighbours (2 Peter 2:7). Does that mean that we must justify everything that man did? I swear, the WTBTS holds Lot in such high esteem because they use him as a model for every JW household out there. Sure, your neighbours may be evil, but God will rescue you anyhow. In paragraphs 13-17 the WT offers a bundle of justifications for Lot's behavior.

    • should be noted that rather than condoning ...Lot'd actions, the Bible simply reports what took place.
    • ...Lot was hardly a coward...
    • ...instead of assuming that his motives were bad, why not consider some other possibilities?...
    • is possible that Lot had faith that his daughters could be similarly protected....
    • ...Lot may have been trying to shock or confuse the men...
    • ..Whatever Lot's reasoning and motives we can be sure of this: Since Jehovah always does what is right, he must have had good reason to view Lot as a "righteous man."

    Why defend Lot? To bolster the sanctity of 2 Peter 2:7? What a stretch. Why not just admit that Lot was a weak man, though righteous some of the time, dealing with a horrid situation in a most human way. How would Abraham have responded in a similar situation? I maintain Abraham would never have put himself in such a pickle. A wiser man, he stayed in the hills far from the deviant cities.

    The conclusion of the article is barely veiled. para 22 "Jehovah's The GB's incomparable wisdom is seen in that his Word the Watcthower at times omits certain details. Jehovah The GB thereby gives us an opportunity to show that we trust him. From what he have considered, is it not clear that we have sound reasons to accept Jehovah's the elders' judgements? Yes, when we study God's Word the Watchtower (when does a JW ever study the Bible alone?) with a sincere heart and an open mind, we learn more than enough about Jehovah the organization to be convinced that he they always does what is just and right."

  • what_Truth?

    I agree with you Gill. They may know about 607, pyramidology and the like. They might even have the courage to put it all together, but then so what? I'm no Alan F, but I imagine that the society would never put this kind of page in the hands of someone who didn't know what side his bread was buttered on. Not everyone in the org is a beleiver or a victim.

  • 144001

    Gill: Sorry, hopefully any mess attributable to such choking landed on some WT publications.

    Do you really think that the GB are reading this forum? Well may be they are, so lets all be the CHRISTIANS that we say we are and help them see the light. Encourage them, forgive them and help them, pray for them, show them the real scriptures. They can still earn a living by turning the WT and AW around and start printing the real Word of God. Jesus never said we must be pennyless. They have the means to Christianize all their JW slaves and set them free and save their souls.

    Roscoe: With all due respect, not everyone here claims to be a "CHRISTIAN." Personally, I find it objectionable to be characterized in that manner. Please make an effort to speak only for yourself and others similarly situated when making generalizations about your faith.

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