GB are reading out posts?

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  • Gill

    Recently I was reading and writing posts of why Lot would offer his daughters to the men of Sodom and someone else was asking or commenting on why Uzziah was killed for trying to stop the Ark of C. from falling. Well, lo and behold, the Feb 1st Watchtower addresses both of these questions and suggests that we should not be questioning these events as God knows what he's doing?

    Are you listening (or reading) GB or GB representatives. I don't buy into you reasonings. Total rubbish. How can you expect people to accept these things as all right just because they're in the bible. Get a life and see the WTBTS for what it is. I suspect you already know though don't you.

    Are you posting here secretly by any chance?

  • minimus

    As a member of the Governing Body, I am guilty of getting my material from this place.

  • Gill

    Minimus! I should have known. I thought the mags were getting more interesting recently!

  • Quotes

    Official JW response:

    Of course the Gov. Body, and the Writing Committee, do not waste their time reading apostate material on opposers web sites. The article you mentioned is the result of Jahoobee's direction of his organization, and is a wonderful example of "food at the proper time".

    Of course, the above would suggest that whoever is providing that direction (i.e. Jahoobee) *IS* reading this web site! Hi Jeehoobee!!! Say Hello to you Son and your radar-like Force for me!

    ~Quotes, of the "I'm gonna get flamed for that" class

  • seattleniceguy
    Are you posting here secretly by any chance?

    Actually, I think SwordOfJah is Ted Jaracz. Joker10 is an account used collectively by the Writing Department, and Brownboy is none other than J.R.Brown himself!


    For the humor-impaired, this is a joke.

  • Mastodon

    I am the GB spy! Pain and suffering to you all for defaming he character of the only channel of communication from God!!! Shame on you all. You shall burn in Gehena for your sins agains us!!!! NOT!!! :)

  • 144001

    I doubt it. I would bet that their heads are buried in the latest Neiman Marcus catalog, and their minds are engrossed with the conundrum of what to do with the cash extracted from the "Great Crowd" of pigeons.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    They would, if they were smart; but then again......

  • freedom96

    I would be suprised if any of the GB are computer literate.

    I do think that there are some high level bethelites that are intructed to pay attention to what is said on some websites. How much time they do it, who knows.

    More likely than even that, is some witnesses that you may even know, looking, and lurking.

  • Gill

    144001! I choked on my black cherry yogurt when I read you Great Crowd of Pigeons! In fact my throat is still hurting!

    When I told my mum that a lot of you 'naughty people' who post here are still witnesses she had what I can only call a SPASM! You're all HYPOCRITES and Jehovah will punish you! Well at least I'm only an evil apostate! She doesn't seem to mind that so much.

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