Name all the popular self employed Witness business's:

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  • upside/down

    LRH- on what planet were you a Dub. I've traveled all over the USA and parts of Mexico and the story is almost always the same. Of course the exception was the congos in Orange County California - RICH RICH RICH, with an army of poor "under-Dubs" working (mooching) off of them.

    You're lucky


  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    This was in a state they call the 'good life'. And the congo. the family went to was very very wealthy. One of the reasons we did not fit in.

    Only reason we are lucky, is we got out. Daughter first (out of the mouths of babes), me, and finally my husband. We are rich only for the fact that we are now all united.

    And it was the uber dubs that mooched (grifted) the poor under dubs.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    Oh that picture reminded of how my little boys looked out in service. I had to buy three of those little book bags. My boys hated door to door work as they got older. Isn't it sickening how we conditioned our children to try and enjoy that baloney. My sons should have been playing in the dirt with their dump trucks instead of being stuffed in little suits with their books bags going in the door to door. I have apologized so often to my sons about this, but they just laugh and say it was ok I was brainwashed. LOL Boy was I.

    hehe "stuffed in little suits" . it sounds like they turned out great, Balsam. personally, i think if they want their children to go door-to-door, they should wait 'til they're at least 10. at 2 they are just babies. what purpose does it serve except to make the householder go "aww". those rats!

  • Carmel

    You guys are probably all too young to remember the Rena Ware sales men. They will save you from a horrible death from eating out of aluminum ware..


  • el jarocho mayor
    el jarocho mayor

    In the Chicago suburb spanish speaking congs the big thing is, landscaping. Just about every other bro has a landscaping business or is a bro working for a bro that has a landscaping business. And they do pretty well. Well enough that they leave the Chicago cold and go down to Mexico for the winter. Some of these guys are elders and MS that leave thier posts for that long to "help out" the bros down in Mexico.

  • Thechickennest

    Social Security Disability-(Usually depression related) was a popular source of income.

    In our part of the states most of the breadwinners traveled great distances to peddle various wares including string cheese, coffee, toys, autoparts, auto stripes, and insurance. All self-employement activity scheduled around five meetings, assemblies and the coffee break outings...(service) My wife and I did a major stint in Tupperware. Tupperware actually opened doors of reality for us. We learned that there were very good, and sane people outside of Jehovah's Witnesses. We also learned we did not have to live like everything was temporary. We could plan ahead for retirement, we could send our child to college, we could vacation, we could save money, generally take care of ourselves. I remember clearly one time a brother called Peewee said most of JW's were not self-employed, but self-unemployed.

  • freedom96

    There are tons and tons of witnesses that are in the automobile touch up business. Leathery and vinyl work, etc.

  • wednesday

    The Sign business ( making signs for almost any business) has been very popular here . We have had several scandals here regarding "brothers/sisters" who have defrauded each other and it ended up before a JC. Cleaning business was big back in the 80's. Of note, many needed retiremnet/ health insurance money so a bunch of the jws around here work for the school system , driving buses. Never do business with the JWS, they often do sloppy jobs and if u are not satisfied, too bad. I prefer to do business with a company that stands behind their work.

    added to say

    around this area the medical profession is big, just in general. a number of sisters work in doc's offices and if u think your medical records are private, might want to think again. especially if u see a doc for something the jws regard as a "sin" .

  • new light
    new light

    After hours restaurant cleaning, especially windows and grills.

  • justhuman

    We have many, but like all the rest postings I would say that they all look like, so we have:

    General Cleaners and that includes window, carpet, office cleaners, actually the cleaning business is the most favored of the JW's and the top of their list!!!

    Next we have car sales, and sanitary products, some work as electric appliances electricians, plummers, builders, carpenters.

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