Not Many Brits Know That America Declared War On Us..

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  • xjw_b12
    And, ever since that date, the Special Relationship between Britain and The USA has been totally fair and balanced with both countries giving and receiving in exactly equal amounts.

    Can we send you Michael Jackson?

  • Simon
    Can we send you Michael Jackson?

    NO !

    But please, can we send you Tony Blair, Cliff Richard and the Royal (disfunctional) Family?

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    can we send you Tony Blair, Cliff Richard and the Royal (disfunctional) Family?

    Okay, you've got to take Jacko, Hilary Clinton and the Kennedys in exchange.

  • czarofmischief
    the Royal (disfunctional) Family?

    I do need a housekeeper. The czarina is pregnant as hell and doesn't feel much like cleaning.

    I'll trade you one Jessica Simpson and I'll throw in Nick the remora.


  • IronGland
    And of course, without Lend/Lease, you guys would be drinking tea under pictures of Uncle Adolph

    Hitler wouldn't/couldn't have invaded Britain and had no real desire to.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Thankfully, most Americans are sensible and recognise that it was a joint effort - neither nation could have done it on their own.

    You're right... most Americans who know history are aware of that. Hitler was determined to have WORLD domination. Make no mistake, he was going after the U.S. after England was put down. The two years England was in the War before us gave us the precious and valuable time to build up our pathetically puny army into a real powerhouse and to get the assembly lines rolling in supplying the war effort. The blood spilt by both the English and Americans were forever blended in the cause of defeating tyranny - it was indeed a joint effort.... extreme heroism on both sides.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Hitler wouldn't/couldn't have invaded Britain and had no real desire to.

    Er,ever heard of operation sealion?

    Thought not.

    make no mistake he wanted to break this Country.

  • IronGland
    Er,ever heard of operation sealion?

    Thought not.

    Yes I have. I know all about operation sealion. It never got past the preliminary planning stages because 1)Hitler didn't have much interest in invading Britain, he just wanted them to acknowledge Germany controlled the continent and drop out of the war so he could concentrate on the USSR. 2)Even if he wanted to, Sealion would have been a spectacular failure. The idea was to use river barges w/ tugs to move the Army across the channel.The basic unit was a tug towing two barges, and travelling at 2-3 knots, in the Channel, which has tides of 5 knots.Even if Germany had total air supremacy the RN would have blown them out of the water. Given that the distance that the far left of the invasion had to cross, a minimum of 85 miles, the poor soldiers would be wallowing for a minimum of 30 hours in an open boat, and expected to carry out an opposed amphibious landing at the end of it.

    Next you've got to resupply the ones that actually make it ashore. It was recognised that it was essential to capture an intact port. Dover was the port chosen. The Kriegsmarine were told to put the Wehrmacht ashore in Dover, but nothing in the Wehrmacht plans indicates that they were required to capture Dover. It was planned to drop all the paratroopers on the heights north of Dover. The doverdrop zone was about the worst possible for human ingenuity to select. It was intended to drop the paratroopers 10-15 miles from the target in a landing zone that was a mixture of hills and hop fields. No resupply was planned.

    You would have had maybe one division with no armor support barely holding on to a beachhead with no hope of resupply. As soon they ran out of the ammo they were carrying the British police could have simply arrested them.

  • xenawarrior
    Not Many Brits Know That America Declared War On Us..

    Yeah and Eman-if the Brits don't find some way to keep that Simon Green fellow in line- we might do it again !

  • pepheuga

    dear yanks,

    oh, wake up guys this whole thing's just been gotten up for a piss take by two naughty englishmen - englishman & big simon from manchester (looking at his picture, & considering his status on these web pages, d'ya thing we should call him jehovah?). naughty, naughty englishmen!

    no vey vould ze chomans hev von ze var. ze americans had ze bomb five minutes after ze fuhrer met his maker.


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