Anybody have their tree/ decorations still up?

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  • bebu

    Today they all came down. And I was able to dust and clean on surfaces I haven't really seen for about a month, so things are a bit sparkly now.

    But I have kept up the Christmas lights outside along the gutter. I appreciate seeing all the lights on houses throughout the cold months of Jan and Feb. Something so simple raises a lot of spirits, I think.


  • redskymedic

    Yep, we still have everything up. Our tree is dropping needles like crazy, though, so we have to get rid of it soon.

  • Euphemism

    I lived in Spain as a kid, where Epiphany was as big a holiday as Christmas... so we get to leave it up at least until tomorrow!

  • wednesday

    We just had a small tree (4 ft) from the dollar store and decoated with items form there too. Amazingly, some looked quite nice. So even though I had a "dollar store christmas" , my tree looked lovely. Due to snoopy jws neighbors, we had no outside decor. We took our tree down Monday, the 4th. . It was my first tree.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I still have our tree up.

    I'm hoping that if my Witness Mother in law shows up anytime soon it will make her visit extremely short.

    I may keep it up forever as repellent.

  • bebu
    I may keep it up forever as repellent.

    LOL!!! Maybe someone can make cans of "Christmas Tree Room Freshner/JW repellent"--with aromas of pine, orange, cinnamon, and cloves!


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