for those who listen to Christian music....

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  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    Until lately all I listened to was the rock station,..Linkin Park, Nickleback,..stuff like that. but it never put me in a good mood.

    try Weezer - "Island In The Sun".. i'm listening to it right now and it always makes me feel happy.

  • under74

    IP -Weezer - "Island In The Sun"

    that's a good one. also, Blackalicious is a feel good or most stuff from pharcyd or ....well none of these are "christian music" soooo, guess it doesn't qualify. Don't think I listen to anything that qualifies...although I do have some stuff from the Staple know, Mavis Staple and the rest...

  • prophecor

    Hi missy04, being that we were taught to believe any and all messages from outside of the KH were of the devil, especially the emotion wrenching music in the churches, I've had a problem with gospel music for a long time, though I've gotten much better about listening to it as of late.

    TBN, a Christian TV station has taken on one of the sydnicated stations here in the city. They play Biblical movies and music 24/7 in an area that could surely use it. It is with great joy that I hear, listen & appreciate gospel music now, One of my favorite performers is Yolanda Addams doing " Fragile Heart " off of her " Mountain Hi Valley Lo CD. A very emotional as well as inspiring tune.

    But I too still enjoy Nickleback, I have a special penchant for Staind, and as far Gosple and Rock in the same space, I love " Youth of the Nation by POD " of which I'm sure, you being a young person know that POD has reference to Christ Death as a Ransom for mankind was Payable on his Death, thus POD meaning.

    Good to know you can spread your musical intrest of many areas.


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    I've recently started listening to Christian music too. The WOW worship CD's are great, they have alot of different artists. I went to a Thrid Day concert this fall it was FANTASTIC! Toby Mac was there, as well as Day of Fire (Toby Mac is rap and Day of Fire is hard rock). You can get any type of music in the Christian section, it's not all just the gospel stuff.


  • Preston

    John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" is pretty good...that's the closest thing I'll listen to in terms of Christian music next to Handel.

    - Preston

  • dh

    This whole thing is worth reading.

  • SixofNine

    Most of that music sounds like worship, and we all know that worship = Stupidest.Concept.Ever.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I also love the song Shout To The Lord.

    But if I had to choose what goes into my cd player next it would be anything by John Mayer or Susan Tedeschi.

  • shotgun

    My fav is ..( I don't care if the whole world freezes, cuz I'm in the arms of my Lord Jesus!)

  • upside/down

    Dare I even say it- What about GnR- I mean Axle kinda looks like Jesus (if Jesus would have been from Hollywood)LOL!

    Everyone bags on 80's music, but up until Nirvana hit the scene (and yeah I like them too) most of the music was FUN!


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