Any advice on tattoos?

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  • carefully faded
    carefully faded

    Hi everyone,

    I've been faded for almost four years now. I've decided in the last month or so that I would really like to treat myself to a small tattoo. I'm going the conservative route and plan on getting it on my lower back - so it can be seen when I want it to be, but also easily hidden when necessary .

    My dilema is around what to get. . .I would love for it to be something symbolic - signifying my rebirth into freedom (maybe a butterfly or a bird?). Any suggestions?

    Do you know of any good websites to check out samples?

    - CF

  • NOdenial

    Good for you!

    I got a somewhat large tattoo when I made a significant change in my life as well. The only advice that I would give you is what you seemed to already have done: be sure the tattoo has a meaning greater than the image itself does. (your freedom you said... that's good)

    I would also say that I don't regret getting a tattoo that was somewhat larger than I planned. If you are going to decorate yourself - then don't be shy with the 'statement'. Be proud of it.

    A tattoo on the lower back of a woman is ... well... just plain hot!!!

    Nobody should tell you what the tattoo should be. It needs to be yours!


  • SixofNine
    ...treat myself to a small tattoo. I'm going the conservative route and plan on getting it on my lower back

    Good choice, imo :)

    Anything inspired by the artwork below would be a huge turn-on for me, lol:

    or this:

  • kitties_and_horses_oh_my!

    I have a tattoo on my upper right shoulder blade, but I want one more: a phoenix, representing rising from the ashes. Btw, it doesn't hurt nearly as much as you might think!!

  • carefully faded
    carefully faded
    A tattoo on the lower back of a woman is ... well... just plain hot!!!

    I agree NOdenial!

    LOL @ Six, I did say I was taking the conservative route!

    it doesn't hurt nearly as much as you might think!!

    Kitties, thanks for bringing up that point . . . I've heard that getting a tattoo on the lower back is more painful than other areas. How painful is it? Can you compare it to anything? Will I need to get drunk? I love the idea of a phoenix!

    - CF

  • morty

    Tattoos are very sexy on a male and on females imo...(just not too many though)...

    I think they should also be able to be covered up as well if the occasion arise...I myself, have a few..Infact, I have a dove on my back, a tribal band around my arm, and my latest one on my lower hurt like a b*tch ..having said that though, getting the tattoo and experiencing the pain is part of the tattoo reality...

    To find one that you really like and to know if your going to like it for the rest of your life,I suggest that you pick one, put the picture on your bathroom mirror, ( because you look in it everyday, right?) and then decide in a year if you still like the picture...if it is still your dream peice of art work, then have it tattooed on your body....I just see so many young people getting tattoos because " it is the in thing" and then a few years down the road they are kicking themselfs....been there myself...( just got it covered up with something else though)....

    I will try and post my most recent one on the bottem of my back......It is really swollen and bruised as I had just had it done within the last 12 hours...

    Hope this works....

  • Elsewhere

    I got a Phoenix after leaving the bOrg. It signifies my rebirth.

    If you get your tattoo on your back, I would like to suggest that you get the tattoo in a location that is off-center... just to be different.

    Here is another phoenix I like but did not get...

  • morty

    you want a comparison?? Out of the 4 that I have, arm, shoulder, thigh,and low back, the worst was my lower back...dont let them tell you any different!! could drink, but if they suspect that you have had to much, they will not tattoo you because you will bleed to much...some places will not even touch you if they think you have been drinking or doing anything else...just my 2 cents

  • Princess

    I have one on my hip and one on my ankle. The ankle hurt SO much more than the hip and the hip hurt real bad. It totally depends on the location. As kitties said, apparently the shoulder doesn't hurt so much. Anywhere that there isn't much fat or muscle under the skin, it's going to hurt like a sonofabitch. All part of the fun!

    My ankle tatt is a running woman, I got it after my first marathon.

    I have my husband's signature along with my kids' initials on my hip...surrounded by stars.

    Take the time to find something that really means something to you. Remember, husbands and boyfriends come and go but tattoos are forever.

  • confusedjw

    How about a tastefully done "Confusedjw" on your calf?

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