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  • garybuss
    why publish new books and magazines all the time based on the Bible?

    This is a book printing business . . . nothing more :-) What else would they do? :-)

  • jellybelly

    Its interesting that I remember my partner saying before 1995 that if they changed the teaching on the generation he would definately be leaving as it was too obviously a sham. That was over 10 years ago.

    My mother still sticks up for them even though I have sent her various emails showing her when the dates were mentioned in the publications. She just doesnt reply, I dont even know if she reads them.

  • ko38

    Everyone here knows the society is full of it.I think the trick is going to involve some psychology to reach these people.Theres too much emotion and to much invested or at stake for them.MUCH AS A POKER PLAYER WHO HAS BEEN BETTING BIG IN A HAND OF CARDS.He or she may have pulled 3 dueces early and after being raised a couple times they start to doubt their hand.However because they have so much invested already they stay in because someone might be bluffing or they may feel that what they have might really be enough. Either way they wont lose that much to find out compared to what they might lose if they dont stay in.

  • steve2

    My JW aunty told me in no uncertain terms in the late 1960s that the study book "The Truth That Leads To Eternal Life" would be the last ever Bible study publication - and indeed it was the mainstay publication in the years leading up to 1975.

    I remember a couple of quotes from "statesmen" included in that book to "prove" the end was coming soon. One statesman (who uttered the words in the early 1960s) predicted worldwide famine by 1975. This fitted in perfectly with the then-official view. And, of course, "The Truth" Book", as it was called, has long since ceased being used. In the meantime, my aunty is still a JW...

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing! What a shame though, that, before hindsight hits us, we're so blinded by "Foresight".


  • Mary

    My grandmother, a Dub since the 1930s, told me when I was 10 years old "...if Armageddon isn't here by the time I die, then this isn't the Truth." Of course, she said that with 100% conviction that it would be here long before it was her time to go. She's now been gone for over 12 years; a faithful Dub right to the end. Granny was certainly right though: this ISN'T the Truth.

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