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  • Unfettered

    Seems to me an apt description of a well oiled war machine.

  • Dustin

    That just annoys me. I can't believe I spent so much time dedicating myself to an organization that is completely false. I love how they just decide to change things to keep their lies going.

  • blondie
    How long can you possible stretch 'a generation' to.

    By WTS new standards a generation is not a length of time but merely consists of any person who is alive during the period of time after 1914 to when the GT comes.

    So, if a person were born today, they would be of that "generation" and that would string out the "time of the end" another 70 to 80 years.

    The real time frame now is the fact that the WTS has said that some of the 144,000 would still have to be alive when the end came; but since they are getting younger (one GB member is only 55 years old), that can be stretched out longer. What if a 25 year old JW decided they had been called? What's to say that some JW's child grows up and get's baptized and decides they have the call.

    When the last of the GB starting dying...people will start asking but most them will be dead and it will be a new generation of JWs trained and conditioned to accept this new time line.

    I never knew about 1925 being put forth as a time when Armageddon would come until 1988 when I saw it on one of Ankerberg's show. There was no Proclaimers book then and the original books were out of date. Fortunately for me, I come from a long-time WTS family and checked their libraries.

    The WTS rewrites history just like in 1984.


  • Mary
    Gill, It seems to me that the psychology book, When Prophesies Fail showed that the people who made the most sacrifices as group members were the strongest most loyal members. The failure of the world to end on time just made the members stronger and more determined . .

    This is so true. I remember the first time I seriously "doubted" the Organization. I had ALWAYS felt uncomfortable about the notion that Jesus somehow returned invisibly in 1914, not because I had read any "apostate" literature, but simply because of what the bible said. It made no sense to me at all. When that happened, it's like these brick walls went up around my brain to prevent any "outside" influence from "leading me astray". I refused to accept reason and this made me even more determined to uphold the Organizations doctrine on the matter and I pioneered, was actively involved in the congregation, was at all the meetings, etc. In a bizarre way, it makes you feel good to be part of something bigger than yourself. However, not being totally dumb, I went to the library and read "Visions of Glory" written by an ex-Dub and the rest is history.

    Gumby baby said: The baptismal change was a biggy......but not like the "Generation" change.

    Um, forgive my ignorance, but what baptismal change?? (Guess I haven't been "paying close attention"!)

  • Elsewhere

    I wonder if JWs are sensitive to other JWs describing themselves as being part of "Generation X" or the "Baby Boomer Generation". Using these terms creates a clear separation from the "Generation that saw 1914".

  • stillajwexelder

    2014 WILL really create problems I feel but by then all old school GB may have died off - that is only 9 years away

  • one

    jw got excited due to the oil embargo near 1975, nothing happened.

    After the 1975 fiasco gb knew something didn't add up.

    BUT the GB waited 20 years to bring new light 1975-1995. Hoping during the mean time something real big to happen

    The new light was presented to a brand new generation of jw who did not experienced the 1975 fasco and most likely never heard of it.

    Their older jw parents likely did not say anything, did not complaint so their teenage and young adults children would not walk out and become part of the "world".

  • gumby

    Mary...sorry I didn't answer sooner....I was watching the 49ers lose again.

    The baptimal question was changed to "god's spirit directed organisation" from gods holy spirit. In other words, your faith had to be in the organisation rather than in the Holy Spirit before baptism.


  • Unfettered

    I used to be a very devout, zelous, defender of the faith. I also started off my early carreer at about the age of 17/18 working with a very nice JW couple who were loving enough to provide me with my first real employment in their business. I remember one day I made some stupid comment to one of them about 1975 like, "I don't know why so many people were "exicted" about 1975. That seems pretty dumb. The bible clearly states that we don't know the day nor hour.". The sister looked at me as if offended and said something like, "that sounds really pompous". If pompousness is breed from ignorance it was indeed ignorant pompousness. Later, I had the chance to fully investigate what occured during that time period and realized how ignorant I truly was. However, that being said, I don't personally blame the JW's for my own ignorance.

    I think all religions in the world have their limitations just as every individual does. It's up to us personally to take responsibility for our life course and our decisions. I very much value some of the education I received in the organization. Not everything the society teaches is wrong. I have a very lucrative salary in part because of the experience and skills I received giving public talks and pioneering, as well as providing an excellent environment in which to learn a foreign language. So, while many of their policies and beliefs are from our new standpoint ludicrous or insensible, at the same time there are good things. I don't consider myself a JW or organization basher, but it is fun to make them the brunt of jokes.

  • outbutnotdown


    I can imagine how that must have raised some freakin' eyebrows. I think I was too young to notice that one.

    To be honest the baptismal questions I swear that the brother was asking me at my baptism talk were:

    1) Do you realize that your siblings and friends have all gotten baptised by your age?

    2) Have you come to the realization that you will not be respected within the organization, your parents and peers (your whole world) until you also get into that pool and do it yourself?

    I may not have heard the questions properly but my answer was as resounding a "YES!!!" as any who may have heard differently than me.


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