OK whos read some books here?

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  • Tishie

    Books? Boy I wish I had more time to read books. But, now that I'm going to start school next week, I'll probably have a big list of textbooks.

    However, I have read COC and some pamphlets plus tons of stuff on the 'Net. I tired of it VERY quickly. Plus, I don't know if you've experienced this, Simon, but starting a site about the JW experience had me up to my ears in JW info and storied in about a month. I have ISoCF but have never finished it because.. well because I'm not searching for Christian Freedom.

    I have recently discovered Anne Rice (this year) as well, and I've enjoyed myself. Her books are very hit and miss, but keep going, because when she hits, she hits it out of the park (simon: borrow them when Angharad is done with them). My fave so far is Queen of the Damned, which hollywood is presently goring as we speak. Actually I hope it is good. Iw/aV was actually a very book adapation. Compared to most. That's because Anne Rice wrote it, I believe. I actually liked her movie ending better in a way. I think she must have thought after publishing the book, "Hey, you know what I should have had happen?" and then she was fortunate enough to get to make a movie.

    Anyway, I like Stephen King and Anne Rice. I also do like Ann Rule, but I think I'm over my true crime phase.. have been for years. I just need an injection every now and then. I'm a recovering true-crime-aholic.

    I've finally started branching out (within the last few years) into other sorts of fiction and non-fiction. I've started reading best sellers (not romance or anything like that, however. I tried but I couldn't get through it) as well as critically acclaimed things, and I admit, I do choose some books based on how much I like the cover :I.

    I LOVE Jane Hamilton and recommend her to everyone. I ventured out into the non-horror genre with Oprah. Her recommendations are also hit and miss. I have a critical mind when it comes to books, but I always (with the exception of that romance novel) finish it anyway. Even if the book is lame, I enjoy it to an extent. But, for instance, I did not enjoy _The Deep End of the Ocean_ (wonderfully written, but I could not empathize with the mother; I hated her) or _She's Come Undone_ (I just thought it was generally stupid--a cheap imitation of a current writing style). I loved Angela's Ashes and Tis, as well as Memoirs of a Geisha. I've also been reading some classics that I haven't read since high school. Mainly short ones so I can fit them into an evening after the kids go to bed and before I do, like all of JD Salinger's books and Lord of the Flies and such.

    I have a few books I want to read before thursday, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen :(.

  • Simon

    Yes, I did a lot of reading so that I could put together my [url= http://www.jwtruth.com/jwt/timeline.asp]JW Timeline[/url]. There is still a lot of stuff I want to add to it but as always, getting the time is difficult.
    I've not really read much fiction for a long time. I used to read a lot of Isac Asimov and stuff like that but I'm usually up to my neck with technical computing manuals now but I do like to read other things about archeology etc... I guess I'm getting a bit lazy - I rely on TV for my fiction now. Angharad has turned into an avid reader - she goes through books in no time and she's going to get some Anne Rice ones after the recomendations.
    BTW: Has anyone read the eBooks that Stephen King has done? I downloaded all the stuff for Angharad and she thought they were good.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Simon, if Angharad is getting Anne Rice books, tell her to check out The Mummy. It hasn't gotten as much attention as Anne's vampire books, but it is an excellent read.

    I downloaded the first of Stephen King's e-books, and I did enjoy it. The latest one, however, sounds a bit odd....and rather expensive and inconvenient in the long run.

    Supposedly, it's a serialization that you pay for in installments, which initially sounds great. However, he has stated that if there is insufficient interest at any point, he'll just drop the whole project....so everyone who has faithfully paid up to that point will be left with nothing.

    Then, the cost and inconvenience of printing it out yourself if you want a hard copy becomes quite prohibitive. I think I'll stick to the regular books.

  • Frenchy
    IS it possible the leadership truly believe that the good the WT Org. is doing is much greater than the harm?

    First they do not see themselves as doing any harm.

    If you read the books Martini, you'll know that they believe they truly are the "channel". As Ray says, they are "victims of victims" and "followers of followers".

    Absolutely. Power corrupts. They have great power.

    I don't think there is some big scam to mislead people. Things were just set in motion, and the org became what it did. A cold, heartless machine that took on a life of its own.

    I agree completely. As I have state previously, I believe that most religions begin honestly enough. Most are a genuine effort to direct, encourage, facilitate worship of God. Religion starts going wrong when it begins to collect a gathering. Very quickly it recognizes itself as an entity and then the instincts of self-perpetuation and self-preservation kick in and that’s where it goes wrong. I find it extremely ironic that while a religion begins as a platform or forum for the worship of God it soon begins demanding allegiance (loyalty, devotion) for itself and by so doing is now demanding for itself what belongs only to God! As in the sad case of the WTS, allegiance to the society is DEMANDED of it’s followers even in situations where a person’s personal conscience tells him otherwise. They have removed the factor of the holy spirit’s operation on individuals. Oh, they tell you to pray for God’s holy spirit but don’t you dare act on it’s proddings if those are contrary to WTS doctrine.
    TIGGER: There is only one way to counter mistreatment by others.

    But, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by doing this you will heap fiery coals upon his head.” Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good –Ro 12:20,21 NWT

    -Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it-

  • waiting

    Hey Frenchy,

    I find it extremely ironic that while a religion begins as a platform or forum for the worship of God it soon begins demanding allegiance (loyalty, devotion) for itself and by so doing is now demanding for itself what belongs only to God!

    To my limited understanding, the meaning of the word heretic is someone who disagrees with church doctrine, speaks against the church, leaving the church. ie: Luthor was a heretic in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

    Btw, most heretics were burned at the stake - if the Catholic Church could find them. Most persons, like Luthor, who protested against the Catholic Church, were correct in their arguments, thus becoming Protestants. The word heretic has a nasty connotation of burning to death anyone who disagrees with you, whether or not they were correct.

    An apostate stems from the word "anti-Christ" or one who goes against the teachings of Christ, or tries to take the place of Christ.

    Christ came to preach about God Jehovah, being of same mind, etc.

    So, therefore, an anti-Christ (apostate) would also be one who puts himself in postion of/against God Jehovah.

    So, therefore, a true apostate would be a person, or organization, who puts themselves in place of what is rightly Jehovah's or Christ's position.

    So, therefore, The Watchtower Bible and Track Society could be deemed by their very (mis)definition of apostates, as being true apostates.

    I ran this discussion by my son - and he just looked at me funny when I said that the Society could rightly be deemed an anti-Christ. But he looks at me funny a lot.


  • Tishie

    This topic sure has taken two totally different paths!

    I forgot to mention to Angharad something: This is kind of an anal thing with me, as I often read one author until I've read all of their books, and I normally begin with the first one written and go on down the line. With Anne Rice, I began with the Vampire series (I can't remember now if those are her first books, but I printed it out somewhere -- um. I mean... Okay I'm anal.) ANYWAY... my advice with the Vampire series is to start at the beginning. I know some people would hear about people's recommendations for the best ones, and go straight to them. But, with Queen of the Damned, for instance, I don't think it would have been nearly the cool experience had I not read the other books.

    Wow, so that was my really long way of saying, "read them in order." Ha!

    Also, RHW, I thought that SK's stipulation was that 75% of the people downloading his books had to pay or he would stop (isn't he using some sort of honor system?). I think his point of saying that is that if they value the book and appreciate it, they will pay. I think that's fair. I may misunderstand, however, as I've done that a lot! But, I wouldn't want to write for a bunch of unappreciative theives, either!

    Did he also have a stipulation as to how many people had to download the books? Is that what you were talking about? I'm clueless, obviously.

    Either way, even though he's very rich already (deservedly so, IMO), I think it's very cool that he's paving the way for this i-book thing. Many writers (moviemakers, musicians, etc) are resisting changes and fearful.

    About writers getting rich (just thinking out loud): I think they deserve it more than a lot of rich celebrities, don't you? They work very hard, obviously, you get what you pay for with a book (IMO), people can already check them out for free, they don't make that much off of each book, so I think that if they sell enough to make a lot of money, they deserve it.

    It would be wonderful to do what you enjoy and make a living at it due to other people enjoying it also.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Tishie, I'm not saying that King isn't being fair or that he shouldn't get paid. All I'm saying is that I would hate to be in the middle of the serial and find out that it wasn't going to be finished because people weren't paying.

    Also, someone calculated the cost of printer paper and ink to print out the serialized version yourself so that you could retain a hard copy, and it was some insane amount....close to $100, I think.

  • Tishie

    Really? $100? That's amazing! How could it possibly be that much? Are they just going on the average length of his books? Wow, I don't think the paper would be that bad, but the ink.. yeah, it could be a lot. I know my ink cartridges are outrageous in cost. (I was going to put that cute little disapproving guy here, but where is my down arrow?)

    Hmmm, so, books really ARE worth the $5-$25 we normally pay, eh? Cool.

    I do remember back in my homeschooling days, however, that there was this system of homeschooling by this guy where you buy his CDs and then just print it all out... I remember people doing calculations on that and it being really ridiculous (and those books were out of print, mostly). I didn't bother calculating because I thought his system was ridiculous and inane.

  • circare

    There is never enough time for reading! I don't like to admit it but my 'internet reading' has really cut into my available reading time.

    In recent years I have drifted away from fiction. I tend towards biographies and non-fiction now, not sure why I have more interest in these, I only know that when I read most fiction now-days I feel irritated and skim read most of the book with very little recollection of any details etc afterward.

    My youngest sister was saying to me the other day how much she enjoys reading well-written books, the kind that take a page or more to paint in words a picture of a sunset or scene. The style of the older writers appeals more to her and not the current ones who write about action and crime. I was dismayed to realise that I feel just the opposite. I am in a hurry for the facts or the 'bottom-line' and I don't want to be bothered with extra words that just get in the way of what's happening. I wonder if this is a result of the action movies I tend to watch now and my internet addiction? My sister does not have television in her home and rarely goes to the movies. Or on the other hand, maybe it is just a result of getting older and realising that life is so unpredictable and short?

    Of course when it comes to fiction, I'm with you 7, Tolkien can always be re-read and re-read. I also enjoy re-reading David Eddings.

  • Angharad

    Tishie & RHW - Thanks for the tips, I'll have a look at ordering some Anne Rice books in a few weeks after we've been on our hols. I've been saving Stephen Kings IT to take away because its nice and thick and should last the holiday.

    Tishie I also get a fix on one author and have to read every book they have written Dean Koontz is my favourite, if you've not already read Strangers I recommend it.

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