OK whos read some books here?

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  • waiting

    Hey Simon and Seven,

    Does that make me sad or obsesive or something ?

    Also correcting your spelling of obsessive could be seen as obsessive.

    And noticing that Seven didn't correct it.....


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  • Seven

    Dear Waiting, I didn't correct it for a reason. I was told by a friend that my posts were either sickeningly sweet or overly b*tchy, and who was I going to ridicule next. Bare with me while I attempt to find some middle ground.Seven

    Net Hussy!!

  • somebody


    ::The book is a good place to start if you still want to hold onto Christian ideals and is helpful in explaining why you felt the way you did and why you did the things you did as a JW.

    Thanks for clarifying that, Path. I was having second thoughts about even reading it.


    :::Read, or have in my possession, all the books mentioned. Very good, exhaustive, and like some other posters, getting tired of them - for the moment, too much too fast for a staid jw.

    :::I personally like Stephen King & John Grishem(?) for just reading.

    >Me too. I also read Dean Koontz, Ann Rule, and Robin Cook. You'd probobaly enjoy those authors as well.

    :::Surprisingly, no one's mentioned the Bible? Curious.

    > It's my opionion, ( not speaking for anyone else here ) that the Bible is great, deep reading and a guide for Christians to live life by. But it can't be read like a novel. I don't have the mental capacity. And that's one thing I can't blame on my teens (dammit, I hate when that happens! ).


    ::::I've read 'em all. Does that make me sad or obsesive or something ?

    I just read a lot. Honest.

    > No, it doesn't make you sad or obsessive. It means that you enjoy reading, period. I couldn't help think of that twighlite zone episode with Mr. Beamis ( no, not Beavis ) in it when you asked that though. If there are any twilight zone fans out here, they'll know who I talking about. :-)


    Off subject here for a minute. Anyone care to share the secret of how to separate stuff that people I'm responding to say with the bolded lines? That would be a heck-of-a-lot easier than what I've been doing. Sorry if I'm confusing anyone with the way I've been doing it. :-(

    till next time,

    ~~~Sometimes I think the world has gone completely mad. And then I think, "Aw, who cares?" And then I think, "Hey, what's for supper?~~~"

  • Pathofthorns

    hey Somebody,

    I'm no expert with these things but to put people's quotes inside those lines which you refer to, Click on "Use Forum Code in your message" just below the box which you type your Reply in.

    That will explain what you need to do.


  • Kristen


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  • Martini

    First off I'd like to extend warm greetings to all the regular posters that I've met here in the past, but also to the newbie's and especially Sister Mrs.Simon, Welcome.
    FYI,I am working at TWO jobs (making up for lost revenue) so that's why I only get to lurk here sometimes but less often to make any significant posts.

    I have read much of this material, as a result I have lost complete confidence in anything the WT Society prints and I am unable to recommend that people follow our teachings.
    I am left perplexed though... I could understand that the average witness is oblivious to the lies and cover ups as exposed in those books, but what about those brothers in the writing department, are they sincerely spell bound as well? The only way you could tell a lie straight faced is if you sincerely believe that what you are saying is not a lie in which case your conscience would allow you to continue in the deception without blame and/or guilt.
    Do you people feel there has been and continues to be a deliberate and intentional plan to mislead the brotherhood?
    Basically what I'm asking: IS it possible the leadership truly believe that the good the WT Org. is doing is much greater than the harm?
    Is this what the leadership sincerely believes or are they just protecting their positions and thus delaying and masking the reality from surfacing until the inevitable occurs?

    Thanks for your thoughts,

  • Pathofthorns

    If you read the books Martini, you'll know that they believe they truly are the "channel". As Ray says, they are "victims of victims" and "followers of followers".

    I don't think there is some big scam to mislead people. Things were just set in motion, and the org became what it did. A cold, heartless machine that took on a life of its own.


  • Tigger

    Im with Kristen on this one...any good ideas or reading on how to deal with family who no longer want to know you or so called friends who treat you like you have leprosy.

  • Pathofthorns

    That is why many of us are here Tigger. We are trying to replace our family and friends with new "family" and friends.

    That is the sad part in all of this, the cost of family. I won't play their game Tigger. If that is what family is to them, and that's the sort of friends they are, they can keep their values and convictions because the rules I play by are different.

    I'm very sorry Tigger. My situation might even be the same as yours, I don't know. But I can't hold onto something that isn't there any more, something that probably never really was.


  • Tigger

    Personally I dont have any great prob's with my family...I havent been to a meeting in around 6 years and dont exactly lead a JW lifestyle, so I guess Ive just disassociated myself. My family have the attitude that their hoping Ill come back to it all and treat me like normal, although the odd WT & A are left open at apropriate pages on the coffee table for my benefit. My husband on the other hand is 'D'ed and has been for about 10 years. His family have no contact and believe me there have been a lot of times when he's needed the emotional support that goes with a family and it hasnt been an option for him. It annoys me no end to see his family go out of their way for others in the congregation, yet there is nothing in the way of emotional support for him. Underneath it all he's still the person that they raised as a child, he just doesnt live his life the way they see correct and for this the punishment is isolation, disdain and rejection.
    It just doesnt seem loving. I understand that they feel they have to protect the 'flock'....but why the family has to take part in all this too is beyond me. Its cruel and its not any wonder he's never made a move to go back to the truth. the fact that I cant get my head around it is the reason I stopped going also.

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