What's your nicest souvenir of your time spent as a JW?

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  • justhuman

    I will say that it was good that I met lot of girls from other places!!!

  • snakeizz

    I liked the friends that I made. We had alot of fun outside the KH...all of us led double lives LOL....the hotels we stayed in during the conventions were always fun (being that the coventions were our only family vacation) I loved finding out that my friends were staying in the same hotel at us....we would have alot of fun in the pool...the intermissions at the conventions and circuit assemblies were fun..and some of the weddings and receptions were cool too (when you were invited)...and every once in a while there was actually a talk that I benefited from....but as we all know everything else INCLUDING the congregation picnics SUCKED! The picnics were doomed from the start..it always RAINED...it was a sign......

  • JH

    What's your nicest souvenir of your time spent as a JW?

    the overseer's baby. (oops) --jk

  • Khazar

    A nervous breakdown

  • new light
    new light

    Well, let's see there was the um, nope, that fell through. Then there was the time we all...oh wait, I wasn't invited because of low service hours.

    I guess the best souvenir is a lifetime of freedom from religion. That is something the JW experience gave me and that can never be taken away.

  • prophecor

    I would surely have to say being a musician in a band of brothers. The times were so much like being back in the day, except we didn't smoke weed and cigarettes like many musicians do in the world. Though we would have our share of Heiniekens.

    We were just the epitome of cool and still JW at the same time. One even had the audacity to be an elder, who of course was the leader of band. We played at wedding receptions and during the breaks, Hey Mr. DJ would spin records while we, the band got a chance to catch our breath.......Wheeeew, boy, those were thee days!!!

  • Scarlet

    I would have to say my wedding day to my husband. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else and if I was not a JW we would have probably never met.

  • Prosperous

    I enjoyed helping out at conventions, it kept me awake!

    I made a good friend in my congregation.We did loads together, go on holiday, babysit each others kids. I have very fond memories of her. She's still a JW, so we no longer have contact. It's a sort of bittersweet memory now.

  • Gretchen956
    What's your nicest souvenier

    Am I the only one that didn't get the t-shirt?


  • TresHappy

    My rear end as I barely got out of there with it...

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