What's your nicest souvenir of your time spent as a JW?

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  • JH

    Can you still recall nice moments you spent as a JW?

    Do you remember ever being happy there?

  • DaCheech

    about 80% of the cong. picnics

  • sugarbritches

    Hi- I wasn't a JW- but I was a Bible Student- and I have no happy memories there. I have nightmares still which I keep hoping will go away. I believe in time they will. It's strange how long it takes for the scars to fade even after you have been gone for a while. Coming here helps me a lot. Thanks guys- Sugarbritches

  • Been there
    Been there

    1 pool party, 1 party in the park, 2 pizza/roller skating partys, 1 snowmobile party and 1 treasure hunt. I remember them fondly. That was 18 years of growing up a JW kid.

    Shhhh! This is a secret..........When I was 8 my Aunt was taking care of me when my Granny was gone out of the country. I got an invitation to my best friends BIRTHDAY party and my Aunt let me go. I felt like I belonged for once and I had so much fun. We never did tell Granny and 40 years later I still let my Aunt know how much that one thing ment to me.

  • Mary

    Working in the kitchens during the summer assemblies.........man, we had a blast. We also used to have costume parties where the entire congregation came dressed up. Oh my god what a hoot! That all ended when Bethel found out that we were having a good time and they put an end to that.

  • HappyDad

    Working in the kitchens during the summer assemblies.........man, we had a blast.

    And...27 years of marriage to a wonderful JW wife until she died.

    That's all gone. Now I have a new life and am a happy person doing and following the dreams that were pooh poohed as a JW. <------- now that is real poo poo!


  • Maverick

    My daughter, being created from my union with her wacked-out JW mother...who refuses to even see the girl now!

    My relationship with my current GF who is a JW...in name only...(for her grown children and grandchild).

  • Wolfgirl

    When I was a kid, the congregation picnics were great fun. Then the Society started telling us that too many people together having fun was asking for trouble. So our congregation all but stopped having them. My sister and I were really disappointed, coz we enjoyed them.

  • Sirona

    Nicest souvenir : my husband


  • Gill

    Like you, Sirona, My Husband!

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