I keep finding more and more grey hairs in my beard. :S

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  • Elsewhere

    A few years ago I started my little "collection" in a small container in my bathroom. Evertime I find a grey hair in my beard I pluck it out and put it in the container. So far the collection has been quite "modest".

    Now it looks like they grey hairs in my beard are starting to gang up on me. I can still pluck them but it looks like I will soon no longer be able to do this without removing more hair than I want.

    How do I make it stop?!?!?!?

  • ozziepost


  • Elsewhere

    Hey now!

    I already figured out that "beard dandruff" could be avoided by shampooing my beard every morning in the shower. And yes, I do shampoo my beard every morning.

  • Kaethra


  • Country_Woman

    colour them, there is even a nice blue shampoo to do the trick (according to your avatar) or what ever colour you like........................

  • Badger

    Flaunt it. If/when my mane goes, I'm gonna celebrate the balding pattern.

  • one

    ask metatron he is the antiaging guru

  • teejay

    Take a passive approach (I'm sure there's a Japanese or Native American phrase for it). Instead of fighting the water that's running downstream, let if flow. Accept what is.

    FWIW, I noticed a couple more gray-to-white hairs on my own head this morning. I thought it was funny. I actually laughed at the dude in the mirror. I also wondered how my mother, a good 30 years older than me, has jet-black hair. How does she do that?

  • Scully

    Are you kidding, Elsewhere??

    I just love seeing a greying beard... it's very distinguished-looking, and ver-r-r-rry sexy.

    Love, Scully

  • candidlynuts

    if your beard graying upsets you .... dont check downstairs next time you shower..

    i read a poem yesterday ..finally found it after 10 min of checking history on my puter..

    Shaving and washing is such a bore
    I usually gaze at the door and the floor
    This morning I got such a horrible fright
    An alien sprouting appeared overnight.

    Losing my hair, I truly expect
    Like nuking my liver from years of neglect
    But this is something that passes the pale
    I'm rushing at lightspeed to feeble and frail.

    I've borrowed my Ma's best pair of tweezers
    This just doesn't happen to leary 'young' geezers
    With trembling hands and a great deal of care
    I'll rip out my first sodding grey pubic hair.

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