I keep finding more and more grey hairs in my beard. :S

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  • Bona Dea
    Bona Dea

    I have to agree with some others here: Gray hair is sexy!! Nothing quite so hot as a man with some salt and pepper.

    LOL @candidlynuts...

  • frenchbabyface

    dito Xena (a container ) ok ok ok ... I understand ... well instead of getting crazy about it maybe you just can get sexy with it !

  • iiz2cool

    Hahaha Elsewhere!!!

    You've got nothing to complain about. If I had as little grey in my beard as you I would grow it again.

    I grew it in July and it was half grey!!!

    It wasn't even either. Most of the grey was on one side, and made my head look lopsided.


  • pettygrudger

    Personally - I'm with all the ladies that finds the salt/pepper look EXTREMELY sexy!

    What are you going to do with the container once you fill it?

  • Elsewhere

    Awww shucks... thanks to all the ladies. I might start letting my salt and pepper show.

    The "container" I am using is actually the base that holds my beard trimmer. The trimmer sets up-right in a slot and I keep the hairs in that slot under the trimmer. Yeah, I know it's kinda wierd... but one tends to do strange things when in "panic" mode.

  • hillbilly

    Holding those dead grey's captive.......... must be a 'pirate thang'.............

    ~~Hill (please to meet ya and hope you had a good time 'up north class)

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