BEWARE! This is an Apostate site!!

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  • Gill

    Aren't you a bit too old for pimples BigTex?

    Just trying to make us think you're some young thing and not 42!

  • Valis
    BTW: Make sure you have your reports in brothers and sisters, it's nearly the end of the month !

    Be whole-souled in the evangelizin wurk jehovah has assigned iz peeps one hof da most important tasks eva busted on da earth--the evangelizin wurk. evangelizin involves preachin an' teachin da wicked news of da kingdom by means hof every appropriate method open to us. why iz da evangelizin wurk so important? coz hit provides da touchstone by which mankind iz bein judged. acceptance hof da wicked news an' obedience to hit result in salvation; rejecshun an' disobedience mean destrucshun. dis in itself impresses upon us da urgency hof da wurk.--matt. 25:40, 45. especially must da elders be whole-souled in da evange- lizin wurk. da apostle paul stated: "whateva yous iz doin, wurk hat hit whole-souled as to jehovah, an' not to mum."--col. 3:23.



    District Overbeer

  • xenawarrior

    LMAO Valis !! You better stop typing like that or you'll start talking like that too !

    This thread took a hilarious turn !

    Thanks for the laughs !

  • gumby

    Valis has become bloodbrothers with a southern black man and it's affected his speech XW. He said he has an inquenchable desire for becoming a baptist minister ever since. I feel for the guy....imagine, a southern black actin Valis with dreadlocks


  • xenawarrior

    LMAO Gumby- Lord, save us all !

  • Valis

    eh Gumbatty bwoy...ya neva eard uv Ali G?


    District Overbeer

  • Sunnygal41

    Gumdingbat! That's rasta talk the brutha be talkin'..........cain't you tell the diffunce? LMUSAO!!!

    Long live da Ganga!

  • Little Red Hen
    Little Red Hen

    2 4 6 8

    Who do we appreciate?


    And Simon!

    Valis, et al, cut me in for a good stonin' too! toss me a big ol' rino ;}

  • gumby

    Here's mine,

    "so.....this is da translation place eh? ok....i'm tryin it. let;s check in da house....what shall i say? ummm...her bro, wuz up....waz appenin geeza, wot it is, get down bitch, ok ..lets check ow it sounds"

    Hows come mine sound different?


  • czarofmischief

    Ya know, the association with apostates on this site could explain why my meeting attendance has suffered lately... You sneaky bastids! How dare you get my spiritual food all moldy?


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