Celine Dion - Go Away!

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  • missy04

    I love her voice and have read her book and seeing her on tv interveiws she seems like a sweet person. And she reminds me very much of someone I care about alot.


  • hillary_step


    Welcome back my friend. Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing. [email protected]. I hear that all the Penguins up North started a Workers Union, you rotten beast you!....lol Do hope the family is well.

    Hey,hillary_step,I totally disagree!I think she sounds like a cat in the blender,LOL! And where does she get those god awfull outfits.Where would you find a talior to make you a pair of pants,where the waist band sits directly under your chin,and admit to making them?...LOL!...OUTLAW
    I understand that she has designs her own outfits. It shows. Best regards - HS
  • missy04

    I don't understand why we're having a bash-Celine session


  • hillary_step


    I don't understand why we're having a bash-Celine session.

    I view it as my civic and musical duty to draw attention to the fact that this women is a hazard to low flying good taste and animals whose hearing is in the upper reaches.


  • RunningMan

    Well, I hate to be perceived as coming to the aid of Celine Dion, but in the past century, the human race has produced a handful of spectacular voices - Nat King Cole, Freddie Mercury, Bono, Celine Dion, and a few others. If only it could be put to peaceful use.

    Also, I ate at her restaurant in Montreal last month. She makes a hell of a rueben.

  • Nosferatu
    I think Hillary just wants more Cowbell, and I think that if the Hillary ask for more Cowbell, Celine Dion should give it to him, baby.

    Reminds me of that Blue Oyster Cult song "Don't Fear The Reaper"

    Did you know that Ms. Dion is actually Maurice Chevaliers' foot?

    Reminds me of that Blue Oyster Cult song "She's As Beautiful As a Foot". Personally, I think she's uglier than a foot.

    Seriously, I can't stand Celine Dion. The Power of Blaaaaaaauuughh!!!!
    She should've stuck to recording french albums.

  • Preston

    Celine Dion's "I Drove all night" is a rockin' tune.

    Don't take Nosferatu's quip too seriously, he has yet to explain Blue Oyster Cult's crackpot theology in "Don't Fear the Reaper". Really, how can "40,000 men and women everyday" join Romeo and Juliet in eternity?

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    celine Dion once won Eurovision! NUFF SAID!!!

  • gespro
    celine Dion once won Eurovision!

    Hmmm....didn't ABBA win that way back when?

    Last year's winner, with the lyrics, still echo in my pea brain: 'I'll give you all my love affair'.

  • Abaddon

    I like to think of her as THE Candian goose.

    She HAS a voice. What she does with it is to me is anodyne at best; at worst it's like finger-nails on a chalk-board. I listen to stuff from all sorts of genre; Eva Cassidy to Nine-Inch-Nails, Libertines to Talin (the latter is what comes of living with a classical singer, but I Iike it; bellowed crap isn't a genre I like.

    A lot of it is material; look at Whipme (we-have-a-problem) Huston. Some briliant tracks in her career; 'I Wanna Dance' is a great song and showcases her voice well, for example. But most of it is so-so.

    Striesland can also sing. But havng a voice and having taste are two different things.

    Preston; '40,000' is a symbolic number pointing to an anti-typical fulfilment. ;-)

    ... please realise I firmly believe that discussing music is great fun. One can understandably be deeply hurtful being honest your opinon about another's religion or politics. With music, one can have a fair and free exchange of opinions. Some people may be hurt by my opinon of Celeine. Get over it. It doesn't matter what I think. Same can be said of my thoughts on politics and religion, but disagreements about music have rarely lead to bloodshed!

    Of course, there was the Balkan Boy-band War of 1876, but that was a one-off...

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