Anyone raised a Witness and broke free?

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  • rune

    Hello, my name's Daniel and I'm new to the forum...

    I was raised a Witness for the first 14 years of my life and then finally got out when my Dad turned atheist...I live in Ottawa, Ontario of Canada... I'm 21 now... still kind of unaccustomed to the world at large, if you catch my drift

    My MSN is [email protected] if anyone wants to chat

    nice meeting you all

  • Valis

    Welcome to the forum Daniel. You are fortunate that you had your dad who made a change in his life too. For many it doesn't work that way and becomes the rockiest of roads to travel. You are also fortunate that you were able to leave the Witness organization at an early age. Once again welcome to the forum and enjoy!


    District Overbeer

  • Thirdson

    Welcome Daniel/Rune,

    Good for you!! It took me until I was 37 to make the final cut and severe all ties. It can be difficult and family ties and friends can make it very difficult to leave. On top of that is experiencing a whole new world and meeting new people and friends.

    I am glad you are out but you are by no means alone. Half the people here were raised as JWs.


  • cypher50

    Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum! Yea, I finally severed all ties to the WTS last year and I had been totally raised as a JW...really hard to do also. I still have the strong feeling that I am not part of society and yet I am definitely not wanting to become a witness again.

  • LittleToe

    Hi Daniel,

    I was raised as a JW. All my grandparents were JW's (before they died) as is nigh on all of my extended family.
    I left about three years ago, and am enjoying every minute of it.

    Good luck in your journey.

  • Insomniac

    Hiya, rune! I was raised a witness from the time I was 9 yrs old, and walked away about two years ago. Yes, it is possible to build a normal life on the other side, although it's one heck of a challenging transformation to make. It gets much easier with time, and I'm still frequently amazed at how much more love and peace I've found among "worldly" people, which I never felt as a witness.

    Glad you found this forum...WELCOME!!!

  • Emma

    I was raised in "the truth" from the time I was about four until I faded in my mid-forties. Third generation jw...

    Welcome to the group! I think you'll like us.


  • dorothy

    Hi! You have a pm from me. Welcome to the board!

  • kwintestal

    Hey there Daniel. I too was raised a JW and am 26 now. I was DF'd in my late teens, but still thought that the JW way was the only way to go, so got myself reinstated even though the JW life didn't match the lifestyle that I wanted for myself. I ended up leaving again a year and a half ago, but for a different reason. This time I knew they were wrong and the lifestyle that I wanted wasn't.

    Welcome to the board.


    BTW, I grew up in Niagara, and now live in Halifax.

  • Tigerman

    Hello Daniel . . .NOW you can live life ! . . .that wonderful gift that only you can make the most of . . .Seize The Day !

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