Anyone raised a Witness and broke free?

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  • dh

    hi daniel, welcome to the board. along with many others here i was also raised a witness and left, nice to read that you got out so young.

    the world is yours.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Raised in the Troof, drifted without getting baptised becauseI didn't like the control they wanted. Before '75 I went back for a while and ended up with a JW wife, I drifted again without getting dunked.

    Ended up with JW kids as well because I still didn't know the truth about the Troof.

    I was a grandfather by the time I realised my family had been had.

    I'm still not shunned, so far, and get on well with the local JWs, get invites to their social funcions etc.. This may change now that some of my family realise that I am opposed and educating myself in how to refute their doctrines/mistakes/lies/whatever, rather than harmlessly drifted.

    My wife has been convinced I am evil and dangerous ever since I wanted to buy an old WTBTS book at a garage sale to show my parents because they were under the illusion that Russell prophesied the Second Presence in 1914.

  • seattleniceguy

    Hello and welcome to rune and figureitout!

    I was raised in the organization. When my parents left it (each one for vastly different reasons) in my teen years, it only made me more gung-ho. I finally got honest with the facts in September 2003, at the age of 25.

    My mom left for the wrong reasons. She didn't understand that it was not the truth. Instead, she left believing it was true, but that she would rather live her way for a few years. That's no way to live, and it only produces fear and guilt. So she came running back later and now shuns me.

    figureitout: If you're dealing with any fear issues, what you need to do is read. Read on all the topics you have some interest regarding, but which you previously could not approach with a truly opened mind. For me, those were things like evolution, philosophy, politics, etc. Also, as others have mentioned, please read Crisis of Conscience. Steve Hassan's books are also good.

    Good to meet you both!


  • Poztate

    I was raised as a witness...left it at 16 because it all seemed a load of c^*p. Then being a dummy and having a case of the jitters I came back just before 1975. Whew...made it.

    Years more passed by with nothing happening.I started to realize that I was much smarter when I was 16 and saw it for what it was.I left again in 1981 and have never looked back.

  • Fleur

    Welcome, I am so glad you and your dad are free :)

    Born in, raised in...99 percent of my family are still can learn a lot around here, I'm glad you've made it and hope you'll find it comforting to be with people who truly know where you've been, and where you're very likely headed.

    I know it can be scary at times, but life 'out here' is wonderful. I'm so glad you made it :)



    p.s. 3rd Son, wonderful to see you! *hugs* to you and Mrs. 3rd :)

  • rune

    Wow! Thank you all for your replies. I never expected such a warm welcome from so many in such a short time.

    I feel admiration for all of you who have realized what a horrible cult the JWs are (despite many of the members being good, though gullible, people). My condolences and pity to those of you who have personally been victimized and have seen their loved ones hurt by this organization.

    Just to clarify, as I have been out of the organization for 7 years now, I have had a strong stance on what a strange and life-draining cult the Witnesses are. In fact, I just recently did a presentation to one of my classes at the university I attend on the darker side of the Witnesses. It's in PowerPoint format, and uses scans of Witness literature picture as the most effective method of conveying just how messed up the Witnesses really are. Honestly, cleansing the world of its problems with mass genocide! How disgusting...

    As for the feelings of adjustment to regular life, perhaps it roots from emotional problems or simply my own journey through childhood in the Witnesses - part of those feelings may never go away, but to see the brighter side of it, I have a pretty objective perspective when it comes to analyzing the things people do, Witness or not. Whether this is actually a useful endeavour is another question, but hey, everyone has their interests. Anyway.. ;)

    Thanks again and I hope you all are doing well

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Hi rune! Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you!

  • freedom96

    Yes, as many others I too was raised a witness.

    I started to realize that the WTS was not what they claimed in my early 20's. By age 25, I was out.

  • prophecor

    Hi Rune, wasn't raised in the truth but been around it most my life. The breaking free, however, has been no less traumatic, though with time you can come to feel comfortable with being outside. Crisis of Conscience is recommended reading to help clear your vision of all that you may not have known about the truth about " The Truth ".

    Wish you well in your new life.

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Welcome Daniel!

    I was raised a JW from around 8 years of age. Prior to that I and my sister were taken to two seperate meetings. One at the KH and one at my mother's faith (Russellite's or Bible Student's). My father was a JW when he married my mother who followed the Bible Student's. To this day they are both still together and have still clung to their faith's.

    I left the WTS in 1999 along with my wife. I have never looked back. My life has been so much better. I'm free from guilt being placed on me constantly in order to motivate me to push the religion on other people. The time and effort that was spent on my part in that Cult was mindboggling. I was born in 1955, so I was exposed to the WTS for 44 years.

    I was never an Elder, but was a MS for 5 years+.

    I hope you enjoy your freedom. Have you read Crisis of Concience by Ray Franz? I suggest that highly if you haven't read it.


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