The doctrine of the Tri-Part man.

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    I edited my last post before I could read your answer. You might have another look at it -- not that it should convince you, but I tried to explain my view a little more clearly (?).

  • LittleToe

    Thanks for that. I'd like to explore your concept of this, if I may.

    Going extra-literary, for a moment:

    • That the body exists is a given (unless we're going to start with the old existential chestnut)
    • That there's a part which transcends death which is the essense of "you" (soul), containing your personality, is a common concept (so I'm guessing we're happy with at least a bi-part man)
    • Where does our conscience sit? Also at what point does the "divine" connect?
    • Also, what part is "corrupted by sin", and how is the war of flesh and spirit engaged?

    Going back to the biblical sources again, would you say that the "believer" is tri-part, once the Holy Spirit dwells within?

  • gumby
    would you say that the "believer" is tri-part, once the Holy Spirit dwells within?

    When I left da became a duo-part. I was found then lost, instead a lost and found. Me always git stuff backwards. Now alls I have is a mind and soul....but no's spirit. That's why me has bags under his spirit. Tain't no casket can hold da spirit if'n ye gots one.

    *Starts talkin in some ancient jewish tongue*


  • LittleToe

    Bl**dy Arminians.
    If you'd only gone to a good Calvinist church you'd have known it doesn't evaporate.
    It's like when you get grease on yer sweater - all ya can do is spread it around a bit...

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    Little Talia is on my mind tonight. I didn't feel like posting, but I remembered your questions and thought I might as well try to answer.

    "Going extra-literary" I can't go very far.

    I love the history of ideas and beliefs, but what am I left with aside the literary realm? Strictly nothing.

    "Realistically" I can't think of a "God", of a "God-man", of a "soul", of a "spirit" anymore. This has become meaningless to me.

    Yet, by emptying themselves of any "real" meaning, all those words become available to me as metaphors -- metaphors for what?

    I don't know: perhaps this strange feeling of connection I sometimes experienced -- or invented -- with other people and potentially with everyone and everything, past, present and future... should I call that "spirit"? Metaphorically I would.

    I am what I am, a fortuitous and provisional combination of genes, language and culture, with a beginning and an end. My "self" is dependent on my "body" as it is on my being a biological "individual". No real "soul" will carry it anywhere beyond my death, and I think it's all right. Yet what I am made of was before me and will go on further, unperceptibly changed by "me" as by every other "being". I like the idea of the "soul" as a generally quiet and forgotten "double" (some would say "the child in me") which sometimes weeps when I laugh, or revolts when I give up -- or just the opposite. There doesn't exist such a "thing" within me (even if I call it "the unconscious", it is still not "something"). But metaphorically I can't think of a better word to express it -- or to invent it.

    From this admittedly unorthodox perspective, I look back on the history of thought and I do find concepts more or less interesting. I'm not attracted to the doctrine of the "tri-part man" because I like to think of my (metaphorical) "soul" as mine and of the (metaphorical) "spirit" as beyond any self (metaphorically "divine"). One is on the path of intro-spection, the other is on the opposite path of ek-stasis -- although the twain can meet sometimes. I do find the Trinity doctrine beautiful, especially in its Greek versions, much deeper in any case than Unitarism. But I also find other heretical (Gnostic, for instance) or non-Christian doctrines equally fascinating. Whatever, this is only an aesthetical, subjective, appreciation of a myth (very positive word in my book) and its ability to inspire me in forming and re-forming my own imagination.

    Well... largely off-topic and pretty confuse, but you asked for it.

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    Well... largely off-topic and pretty confuse, but you asked for it.

    On the contrary, I loved it. Thank you!

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