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  • bagpuss

    In a recent thread someone said that bagpuss was a good name but didn't know what it meant.

    Bagpuss was a character from a childrens programme in the 1970s and is becoming popular again now. I chose this name as like bagpuss I am soft,cuddlyand loyal, but will get the claws out when needed.

    Why did you choose your 'alias' and what does it tell me about you?

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I chose my alias based on the actual fact that, although I'm still park of the JWs R&F, I'm so in a very doubtful way.


  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    That's 'part', not 'park' as it's written above. Sorry.


  • Redneckgurl

    Well, Redneckgurl ( I thought "gurl" was pretty cool lookin) was taken from the song by the Bellamy Brother's "Redneck Girl" because I love that song. I am fun, a loyal friend, and although born in Evanston, Illinois, I am a southern chic all the way. (but I miss the snow!)

    I just didn't want to use my name since I wasn't officially "out" yet when I joined.


  • mrsjones5

    i'm so boring, it's my married name but i dont use it in real life. my mother-in-law found out that i didnt change my name and i swear her head almost twisted off. hubby came to my rescue and said that we didnt care to change it and it's not big deal.

    Mrs Jones

    PS and i like being sung to

    Meeeeeeee aaaaaaaaand mrs mrs jones we got a thang goin on

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    Bagpuss: I grew up in England...I think I remember that show!! Awesome....

    My moniker says it all, I'm seeking knowledge, My ex is now a JW, and I never had a true grasp of what he was about in his religion until after we split up. He wasn't "in it" while we were together. It's the outcome and concern for our son that brought me here!

    Happy to meet you!

  • Scarlet

    I choose the name scarlet because i like the color. It is firey like my personality.

  • Tigerman

    I think Bengal tigers are extraordinarily beautiful . . and besides I AM part tiger!

  • Preston

    Hmmmmm, I didn't know bagpuss was a cloth cat.

    I chose Preston because I'm a movie fan and I love Preston Sturges' work... It's also the name of a gay bar in Phoenix

  • wizedup

    I chose wized up, because after 33 yrs in the org, I did.

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