Before You Leave The Witnesses, You MUST Make New Friends!!!

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  • franklin J
    franklin J

    Yes Min, I agree 100%. I lived through it and speak from experience.

    A good way to make new friends is the following:

    1) join clubs with people who have similar interests ( i.e. cooking clubs; book clubs; sailing clubs, etc)

    2) if you have kids; join the local PTA and GET INVOLVED! Offer to help your kids teacher reading to the class ( class mom or dad).

    3) join the local CIVIC GROUPS; AND GET INVOLVED in your community. There are always activists in every community!

    4) VOLUNTEER at your local hospital or school district. Jehovahs witnesses think that their preaching work absolves them from any contributions to society. WRONG! Give back whatever you can; wherever you can. There are many who live by this motto ( non JWs)

    5) sponser a block party in your neighborhood and meet all your neighbors; note the ones you like and get along with and invite them to your home for a bar b que. They will respond and invite you back. The snow ball gets bigger.

    6) ON Xmas and Thanksgiving; if you do not want to celebrate the holidays in an "All out " fashion; volunteer your time in a soup kitchen. You will meet wonderful people. I do this with my wife and kids every Thanksgiving and it is a great example to my kids. The other volunteers are as civic minded as we are. The people we are helping are forever greatful and they let you know it.

    All these activities worked for me and brought me into contact with many liked minded people who became friends As you move forward the social circles literally get smaller (everyone knows everyone else); and you would be surprised just how small the world really is. It works.


  • minimus

    Forget about the TOPIC. I want to know about what redkneck gurl done did.

  • Redneckgurl


    Those are some really awesome suggestions! I love the idea about organizing a block party. These are all things that we were discouraged from doing, volunteering in the community, joining clubs.....well, I have sort of done that and even getting involved in the PTA! I was almost a room mother this year for my son's 2nd grade class. That would have meant organizing the class holiday parties and stuff like that. I decided to wait another year, I just didn't feel like I had enough experience with the real world yet! lol

    Min, check out and see what last Friday's topic was.

    ta ta for now! We are dragging the Xmas decorations out of the attic today!

    --Redneckgurl (Krissy)

  • gypsywildone

    Those were some excellent suggestions Franklin! First, a person has to figure out who they are & what they like, before they can find healthy things to do & people to surround themselves with. There are also clubs, dog & cat shows & their patrons, gyms to work out in, Hiking & biking clubs, there are tons of places to make new friends, but it takes effort.

    Min, you have outdone yourself this time

  • minimus

    Redneck, I know , SWINGERS.

  • Redneckgurl
    Redneck, I know , SWINGERS.

    whatever that is!

    Yes, my kids have joined Brownies, Cub Scouts, my husband has joined our local Volunteer Fire Dept., my son is part of the Football and Basketball teams in his Junior High, and then there is our newfound "social life" that we are really having a good time with. It's simply amazing the things in life that we have taken upon ourselves to enjoy, whether or not others agree or not, that some really really good and nice people are part of. We have never met more people in our lives, been invited to more get togethers, family BBQ's and pool parties, out to dinner, shopping, and even on vacations, than we have in the past year. Most of them even go to church! We are not quite ready for that step yet, although my son goes to some social gatherings at a local church downt the street with his friends. He has so much fun, he WANTS to go!

    I think we are adapting very well to our new life. You just can't do that very well if you stay shut up inside your home with nothing to do. Especially if the JW's are the only thing you have ever known. Call us nuts, or sheltered for too long, whatever, we are good people and happy too!

    Mingle, mingle, mingle, and make new friends! Agree completely! Great advice for those who are wanting to come out, or who are in the process. If you have just broken away from this stifling religion, VOLUNTEERING is a great way to meet new people, and very appreciated too!

    --redneckgurl (Krissy)

  • teejay
    A good way to make new friends is the following...

    Very good suggestions, franklin J.

    Anyone with others?

  • minimus

    Yeah, be nice to people, give them the benefit of the doubt and don't be a dink.

  • kay

    Excuse me! maybe ur just used by satan to say bad reports about jw but youre wrong ur completely wrong. the world outside and of inside jw is so different. maybe u can answer why... maybe ur faith is weak so thats why ur like that. friend from jw is great. they are true! whaen u make outside friends, are u sure u can count on them? no! definitely not. were told to stay away from the world for our own good. didnt u realize it? ur too stupid coz you had sinned. uve done apostasy! i hope u realize it...

  • kay

    i think ur out of the world! ur so bad!ur satanic! look at ur face in ur picture, ur like satan the devil. all u people saying bad things about jw will be destroyed by jehovah. im sure! ur satanic!

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