Before You Leave The Witnesses, You MUST Make New Friends!!!

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  • babygirl

    karategirl....You had a long hard road and i feel for you. Now have the best Christmas ever with you united family, enjoy the present and let the past try to heal. My thoughts are with you for a happy & peaceful Christmas....

  • minimus

    Mark, there is usually some sort of transition from realizing you've been had to getting out. If one is now still searching for the truth, it doesn't take away that they still need to have friends and not be isolated.

  • Markfromcali

    Min, No it certainly does not, what I was saying was it changes the type of friends that you need just slightly, you could call it a common interest. Frankly I think it's the best if you can just have a friend that really deeply cares about you, but for some people who are truth seekers they may need that other component too.

  • minimus

    Mark, perhaps I'm misunderstanding your point. What do you disagree with me about??

  • Markfromcali

    lol Min, why do you think I am disagreeing with you? Basically I'm just specifying it a little more, needing friends who are kind of on the same page so to speak. I don't think anyone would ever refuse any friends, but it's certainly understandable that people want a little more of a connection with others. After all, isn't that why most people come here?

  • LittleToe

    I totally agree.
    I spent the lasst 6 weeks or so making new acquaintences, some of whom have become firm friends, before I DA'ed.
    It's perhaps the single most worthwhile advice I could offer someone, along with - don't look back and live your own life!!!

    Definitely one of your best threads, if only to find out what a "couple's club" is

  • minimus

    Thanks Mark, like I said I misunderstood.....LT, btw, what's a "couple's club" again??

  • teejay
    ... The hardest part is trying to re-wire my brain

    Well said.

    After being brain-washed the way we were relative to the evils of so-called "worldly" people, it takes a while before we come to the truth that there are a lot -? a world, actually -? of non-JWs who are every bit as decent and honorable and downright GOOD as the good JW friends we had/have. They may smoke, they may "live in sin," they may go to church and celebrate "worldly" holidays, but when you strip those aspects away and look at the sort of person they are... making friends with them is actually quite easy. Even natural.

    And having friends is one of the very necessary components of having a successful life away from the Organization. I'd bet loneliness is probably the single greatest reason people go back to the meetings.

  • minimus

    I'm glad I'm not that lonely.

  • Redneckgurl

    Minimus and LittleToe,

    Now boys, I am NOT here to corrupt anyone! Google search!

    Speaking about the TOPIC it was so hard for me, after all the years of looking at the "really nice worldly people" as being more influenced by Satan to trap me than the "mean or bad worldly people", to let them into my life. A Pastor from a church down the street saw my son building a skateboard ramp and took it upon himself to bring some leftover wood from a building project at the church. I would have thought in the past that it was a gift from the Devil himself, but I was happy to feel that it was just a really nice thing to do! I even talked to him for a while, NOT about religion!

    --Redneckgurl (Krissy)

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