Can JWs EAT Blood?

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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    I do know that doctors will avoid using blood transfusions if they are able to. However, and a big HOWEVER, I think if you were to lay the choice of life and death on the table for most people, with the option of life and POSSIBLE complications as a reaction to the bt, or you know death, most would take life.

    Regardles, if you are a nice jw, you should remember that the reason dubs do not accept bt is not because of the health consequences, remember, they STRESS this point, but for scriptural reasons, (faulty at that)

    Possibly you could answer a question.... while you're here...

    Why would they shun a person who accepts a bt to save their life yet 'reprove' a one time act of fornication or adultery? I remember how often they would stress the importance of not accepting a bt as showing that it is as deplorable as fornication. Or idolatry, I have never seen a witness df'ed for idolatry... never ever ever. Even though there is more then enough evidence that witnesses, for over 100 years, have set aside the teachings of the bible, knowing in their hearts that something was not right, and put on a pedastal the teachings of the gb.

    Just a thought.....

  • upside/down

    I had this REAL LIFE experience I'll share, for what it's worth. (6o9 chill).

    My son was in a really bad auto wreck when he was two. Despite being in a car seat he was thrown fom my sister-in -laws minivan when it went end over end at about 60mph. They went off an embankment into a farm field, he flew through a barbed wire fence. It was in a remote rural area, so there was no immediate help.

    His leg was almost severed as well as one arm and he had a gaping wound under his chin that almost penetrated into the mouth.

    When help finally arrived he was rushed to a hospital in Omaha Nebraska. The "blood issue" was an immediate concern naturally. But I did not share the "fanatical" views expressed by so many Dubs. We felt that it was "reasonable" to voice our views (religious) and leave the rest to the doc's. If they decided after our wishes were made known to "force" blood oon our son, that was not our fault and in NO WAY would "God" look at us unfavorably. What's funny is we had some friends who were "fanatical" and insisted we take our kid and run, it would be better for that kid to die than get blood yada yada... I told them to go to hell, this wasn't a cmmunity decision it was OURS- so back off!

    Fortunatly the doctors and anesthesiologist were very REASONABLE people and were very respectful of our wishes and agreed to a point to try and honor our wishes. The staff were APPALLED at the behaviour of our "fanatical" friends and we told them to leave. I could almost sense the staff wanted to give blood just to spite our "fanatical friends- I would probably react the same. But they softened under our reasnableness.

    HERE"S THE BIG POINT, the staff explained to us the LEGAL ramifications AT THAT TIME IN THAT STATE. They told us that they PREFER not to use blood at all, but according to the LAW, with regard to minors (whether waivers of release are signed or not), they are REQUIRED to do everything reasonably possible in their power to save a minors life. The LAW viewed bt as part of "everything reasonably possible". If a DEATH of a minor was to happen, by LAW there would be an investigation. If it was found out that a bt wasn't given, the staff involved would/could be charged with mal-practice by the STATE (not us!) possibly even murder. That being the case they informed me that if death was imminent (even though they knew and wanted to respect our wishes) they would HAVE to administer blood so as not to lose their jobs!! They even provided the LEGA STAFF of the hospital to prove this, it wan't just some gimmick. We understood completely and complied. I was never shunned (wouldn't have cared anyway) and I maintained my "privelges" at the time which were significant.

    How could a loving God have a problem with this? He DOESN'T! Your telling me the same God that LOVED David and Mannaseh etc. is all hung up on situations like this- I dont't think so. The "God" that's going to resurect every rat bastard throughout most of history, can't understand this kind of sitch- preposterous!

    I'm convinced that the average Dub LOVES THE DRAMA- It reinforces the "us against them" mentality. They are mostly "nobody's" and now they are in the "LIMELIGHT"(re:bt). They get on their high horse because SEE I'M BEING PERSECUTED or some related bs. It's almost "mob" mentality, everyone is caught up in the rush. I know ones have benn treated badly, but my experience showed me that I am REAONABLE, the staff even layed that compliment on us when this all ended.

    I must end by saying my son came out PERFECT without blood, the cosmetic surgeons did such a good job that when he came out you couldn't even tell his injuries. He suffers no ill effects except a slight scar under his chin. THOSE DOC'S DESERVE A MEDAL! I am ashamed of the behaviour and "bad witness" given by the "friends". By the way the "Liason Committee" when they finally showed up and evaluated the sitch, said we had done the right thing, the right way. Not that I needed their approval or anything.

    Reasonableness Can Prevail,

    u/d (6o9 try to be nice, I know your "passion" for blood!)

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