Are You Surprised As To How You Are Now That You're Out of The "Truth"?

by minimus 56 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    I see a lot of happy people here!!!

  • Swan



    That is wonderful. I am very happy for you. Your post made my day.


  • wizedup

    Thank you.

    (I've been lurking for a year, just after we left. Now it's time to speak up!!!)

    Nice to be around.

  • Xena

    As for me and my household... we are well and happy not serving Jehovah

    You owe me $5.00 for bumping your thread back up mini

  • confusedjw


    When I married my present hubby he gave me myself back. (13 yrs ago) He helped me think for myself, let me feel what I feel and insisted I not feel guilty for it. If not for him I believe know I'd be stuck in an assylum by now. I can dress for me, I can have an opinion, I can FEEL! not smother my feelings to keep in line with "current thinking", I'm free!

    Three cheers for Mr. Wizedup! That's the way husbands and marriage is supposed to be.

    Just great, good for you both.

    Welcome to the board.

    Think what you like.

  • wizedup

    Thank you too, confusedjw, (however I sincerely doubt you are living up to that name by now).

    I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Greetings to all.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Life outside the Borg rocks.

    That's why I never got dunked in the first place. I didn't like the control crap.

    It's a real shame that I didn't know I wasn't an evil bastard for all those 30 years.

    A guilty conscience takes the gloss of your fun, whether the guilt is legitimate or not.

    Now................. life really rocks.

  • minimus

    Blacksheep, if you were never baptized, why have a guilty conscience??

  • Tinkerbell4125

    Couldn't be better. It took a while, but life is good and couldn't be better!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    if you were never baptized, why have a guilty conscience??

    A guilty conscience because I never got baptised, and put myself under their control, so that their Killer God wouldn't get me at Armageddon.

    I was going to have my life now and let him kill me at their Armageddon. Suicide, but with an unloaded gun. if you know what I mean, Min. It is a cloud that is always there and gets dark every time something really nasty comes up on the news. When Armageddon arrived my family was going to see me die. Very selfish of me.

    Just because you are out and not baptised doesn't mean the cult teachings of your upbringing don't have an effect.

    Until you actually understand that their teachings are wrong, you are not free, no matter how long you are out.

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