Are You Surprised As To How You Are Now That You're Out of The "Truth"?

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  • minimus

    So far, I'm seeing that "apostates" are nicer than JWs.

  • Swan
    That's how I feel, too. I think it's because, among other reasons, we no longer have to JUDGE people. Being judgmental, which is what being a JW is all about, is really hard work and it wears you out.

    I used to think I was a very judgmental person. And then after I left I began to realize that I wasn't a judgmental person at all. I was just taught to be judgmental. Now for the first time in my life I could just let it go... and I did! It is a wonderful feeling not having to worry so much about what other people do or do not do.

    Also I notice that I am much more opened minded and much less threatened by new ideas or people's different opinions. In fact, I like to hear other's opinions if they are someone I want to get to know. I consider their opinions as important to them as mine are to me. My viewpoint is not set in stone, however. At times my viewpoint changes according to what others say about their opinion and why they feel or think that way. Give me a good reason and sometimes that's all I need to start reconsidering my own opinion.

    More than anything is the freedom from fear and superstition. I still seldom watch horror movies, but am not afraid of them either. I don't think that if I watch this movie the demons will come into my bedroom and start jiggling my bed. I no longer fear Satan or worry about being persecuted in some Great Tribulation death camp. I no longer worry about having to hide my secrets (but nor do I broadcast them) from everyone for fear it will get back to the elders. I no longer worry about having to survive a horrific theocratic war with exploding skyscrapers, fire raining down from the sky, and people being swallowed whole into huge cracks opening up in the earth.


  • Fleur

    I know that most of my family is shocked that I'm not an AIDS infected crack-wh***...

    Me, my life is a million times better out than it was in. I can finally be who I am, and give people the choice to take or leave that. Many chose to leave it and stick with the Borg, but those friends and family I have acquired since leaving really know me, accept me, and love me for who I am.

    That's something I will never be willing to give up again. Not to mention, the joy I have in watching my child blossom and turn into the human she is meant to be without guilt ruling her life. That is truly living and even if the eternal/multicultural never-ending petting-zoo picnic scenerio were real, I wouldn't give this up for that.

  • Gill

    I'm totally surprised!

    I expected to be a depressed and hopeless soul who would see no point in living any more.

    The WTBTS movement had made me unhappy and afraid for the whole of my life, fearing that if being in the movement, that was the only one that would be saved, could be so bad, then being 'in the world' must be a nightmare!

    I saw a counsellor for a long, long time and then one day I realised that for the first time ever, and I mean EVER, I felt free, alive and HAPPY. I had NEVER know what it was to be really free and happy until that day.

    I am not angry with, or do I hate, the Witnesses! I feel a very strong pity and sadness for them and rage with 'the Society' for brainwashing the minds of so many people who were just looking for that little bit extra.

    I've finally got my head around the fact that I will never see the years 2300, or 2400, or 4000 or... get the drift. It would have been nice, but it was never real. I know it was just a dream now but the price for such a dream was too high....for me any way.

    And if the future has been written, then if I'm meant to be there I will be and if not...then not.

    It's good to be alive and free. I think this is the way to live, as yourself, with love for others, not as someone who is hanging on to a sinking life raft and kicking everyone out of the way who may stop them surviving.

    Yes, I am surprised and it's wonderful.

  • Sunnygal41

    I never expected my life to be perfect, and I never expected to be wildly successful either........I knew that with my strength of personality and committment that I would do okay out. What has been gratifying is that my long submerged personality has blossomed again and I have reclaimed myself. Terri

  • minimus

    For any that might feel horrible over ever having been in this religion and can't seem to get over it-----realize that this life is not at an end. Contrary to the Watchtower, we actually can live!! Life can be pretty good! Not perfect, but pretty good after all!!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I agree with all the above. Also, I have noticed that the whole world really does not have it's eyes glued to the witnesses and what they do. Most certainly, they do not feel that actions by one of JW's 'brings reproach on God's name'. In th JW world we are taught to think that all the world is against us - most of the world in reality just pays little attention to Jw's- they do not view them as 'the light of the world'. What a narrow focus we had - tunnel vision.

    Also we have not all become drunken, demon-worshipping, orgy lovers, that drink blood and rape by the full moon! Imagine that -


  • franklin J
    franklin J

    ...I am on a whole different PLANET.....

  • Swan

    ...I am on a whole different PLANET..... Franklin, Welcome to the planet Earth! It didn't take me long after leaving to realize that JWs really are from a totally different planet! Tammy

  • wizedup

    When we were in the org, it was always "just hubby and me". Now that we're out, it's "just hubby and me". That part never changed. On a personal level, I was the submissive, believe all, accept all, never run ahead, follow the rules type of person. I left the Catholic church for various reasons at 16 yrs old. Had spunk and a little mind of my own.( made my own choice against family will) Grew up abused, married an abuser, and guess where I ended up? In the org!!! I was then no more for 20 years. Spunk was a memory long gone. When I married my present hubby he gave me myself back. (13 yrs ago) He helped me think for myself, let me feel what I feel and insisted I not feel guilty for it. If not for him I believe know I'd be stuck in an assylum by now. I can dress for me, I can have an opinion, I can FEEL! not smother my feelings to keep in line with "current thinking", I'm free!

    I don't know if I'm different, or am just finding myself again, but it's beautiful to be alive again. I missed that for 33 years in that place! We left together a year ago.

    Surprised? OHHHHH YEAH!

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