Are You Surprised As To How You Are Now That You're Out of The "Truth"?

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  • prophecor

    I was looking back thru some old journals that I kept back in the days before coming to the truth about " The Truth ". It reflected a very terrorized and frightened individual who had absolutely no hope for the future, in this world or the next. Guilt ridden and fearful. It was a sad commentary on a life that had been spent chasing dreams, only to find myself in the middle of a nightmare.

    Now that several years have past, and I found a new reality here, as well an arsenal of information about the history of the orginization, having had the opportunity to examine the society from the inside out has reduced to a great degree, the fear I once had in questioning the absolute authority that they placed over their converts. Problems that exist in the churches are many the same in the Hall, and in some cases even more so. Wife abuse, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy and several other ills are plagues that exist in the homes of many a Jehovah's Witness.

    I don't suffer the same pangs of distress over my decision to leave the orginization, and I no longer believe they are the only ones who have the most correct information regarding the interpretation of the scriptures.

    I've received a wealth of scriptural knowledge from ministries and churches from so called " Christendom ", that have been able to help me acquire a broader understanding of the Jehovah.

  • seattleniceguy

    I was looking back thru some old journals that I kept back in the days before coming to the truth about " The Truth ". It reflected a very terrorized and frightened individual who had absolutely no hope for the future, in this world or the next.

    I have a journal that spans the time during which I had my revelation, too. I have entries going back about a year before I realized the truth. Like the poster above, when I read them now, I see a confined mind. A mind afraid to think too hard about things. Afraid to take in too much information. A mind that believed all sorts of silly, stupid things about the world. Ah, what a change!

    When I left the organization, I had already figured out that what they say about evil apostates was all a load of crap, so I knew my life would not fall apart. At the same time, however, I was a bit surprised over how little I really did change. When my mom called me a few months after I left (but before I had written my DA letter), I think I surprised her when I said, "You know, I'm pretty much exactly like I was before, except I read more, think a lot more clearly, don't go to meetings or out in service, and generally feel a much greater sense of peace."


  • toreador

    Definitely! I am a lot different.

  • Carmel

    No damit! I worked hard to get where I am and what I am! Why should I be surprised? A little cause and effect, mixed with some good fortunate and here I is, fat and sassy! (no offense, Sassy)


  • Purza

    I am surprised that I still feel guilty about some things. Friday night I bought some ornaments and I felt like I was doing something really wrong. I hated that feeling.

    Other than that, I have never been happier!


  • dorothy

    I didn't turn into the evil animalistic monster they said I would. My life didn't crumple to pieces. And for some crazy reason I think Jesus still loves me. Not nearly as judgmental as I used to be. And I can honestly say that I have a much stronger sense of well-being, satisfaction with life, better outlook on the world and the good in people, and generally much happier.

  • heart2heart

    I have to agree with other posters here, that I am the same person I always was, just not so close-minded and scared. My personality is the same, but now I am free to be different, to have interests other than the watchtower, to help people in ways other than just knocking on their doors. I don't worry so much about my clothing choices, but wear what I am comfortable with (even if the skirt is above my knees !) I think more clearly, the world doesn't seem such a gloomy place (not that it was all evil to me before, I just see it for what it is now, and not full of people waiting to die), I read things other than the watchtower and awake (something I have really missed), . The best part is I feel so much LIGHTER! Does anyone else feel like that? Not burdened down, free to make your own decisions without someone breathing down your neck waiting to criticize you? I don't care so much about pleasing everyone around me, trying to fit into a mold, not so self-consious of everything I do in case it might "stumble someone". I am so much happier now that I'm out!!


  • babygirl

    i feel like i'm still in a process, but evry day gets better...i'm getting stronger w/my new found freedom from guilt, like others i'm still that same good person i've always been...and my new "wordly" friends "they like me, they really like me"!!!! but my surprise is that i really don't miss that many of my old "conditional" friends that i had all those years in the "Truth"

  • minimus

    Great responses to hear!! It's funny that we didn't all either end up in mental institutions or dead because we left the "brotherhood". THEY LIED TO US, FOLKS! JWs have to worry that they "might stumble" one. Always worried.........But why?? Because the Witness cult tries to make you paranoid!!!......It IS nice to know that people "really" do like us. Too bad for those that used to "love" us....Their loss.

  • pc

    I am not surprised because i never did get the intolerence and hypocricy, but have left the intense guilt behind. I always echo these words "the truth will set you free".

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