HELP!! Trying to find right religion brough up as JW

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  • JamesThomas


    I thought I did.

    It's staring us in the face and looking out your beady little eyes.


  • LittleToe

    Right religion?
    You'll not find one.

    If you're interested in the Christian path, then John 6:68 ("whom" not "where") usually hit's the spot.

  • eljefe

    As I read most people's responses a thought came to mind: Most of us have been chewed up by Jehovah's Witnesses and spit out Atheists. This was what happened to me. When I realized that JW's did not have the truth, I thought there would be another religion that was out there that had the truth. Examine the Bible, not religions' interpretations of the Bible.

    I recommend a site called The Skeptics Annotated Bible. Here is a list of the contractions in the Bible (and there are quite a few).

  • Greenpalmtreestillmine


    Many exJWs have searched as you have and while maybe they have not found the perfect religion they have found a place to gather with folks who love God and who are attempting to do good as Jesus taught. Some have gone into the mainstream Christian churches but others have found small non-denominational churches in their community which welcomed them with open arms. Surprisingly enough some exJWs have become Bible Students. No trinity, hellfire, immortality of soul there. But they do celebrate birthdays.

    There is no perfect Christian religion, but there are loving people who though their ways may be a little strange to us, or their doctrine different from what we are used to, they do try to follow the Christ and they do try to do good.

    Some exJWs have home study groups and in this way they associate with people of like faith. Others, like myself, are not members of a church and do not attend home study groups. I would not recommend that though for mothers who have small children like yourself.

    My advice: Take it slow. Put away the Reasoning book and read the Bible alone. Start out with the Gospels. Read them not so much to understand prophecy or doctrine but to get to know God's Son. Read, read, read, what he taught and let it sink into your heart and mind. (Bible tapes are great for this too.) Get to know the Christ. Imagine yourself walking along the road with him as he is teaching. Imagine yourself sitting down with Martha and Mary and listening to Jesus speak.

    Lastly, never ever give up praying! Pray every morning and every night. Pray with your little girl.

    You and your family will be in my prayers. Good spiritual health to you, Emma!


  • Markfromcali
    All this advise givin, and not ONE person against religion can answer any of lifes questions for a certainty as to what truth is. So really, no true advise is given ....just answers of what isn't truth. Not comforting....but perhaps true.

    What makes you think those are life's questions?

    You might have questions about life, but life itself may be very content with itself. Sure it's just an expression, but it is kind of interesting why it's worded that way.

    As to what truth is, why do you think it comes in the form of an answer? You see this implies it is all solved in the realm of intellectual processing, and while I or someone else can tell you it doesn't work that way, if you want to hang on to this then you'll just turn around and say well that still doesn't say what it is, and of course you'd be right.

    Frankly it is a matter of the individual finding out for themselves. Certainly we see that in the case of the truth about the Truth, you can point things out to a person, but they have to see it for themselves. We also see that it's pointless when someone doesn't really want to listen, so in some cases we leave them the hell alone. When you talk to someone long enough there is enough information to show 'where they're at' so to speak, and in that you can see what they're ready to hear, and more importantly what they're ready to 'look at.' In a way it is like hitting bottom intellectually, when someone still thinks their mind can figure it out, I say have a good time - drink up. In another way it is just a matter of understanding the limitation and the nature of mind, and in that case the person pretty much figures it out for themselves anyway.

    So speaking of Star Trek, it's sort of like the Prime Directive - except for individuals. You leave them to their own development, even in terms of intellectual development you can have someone/group at a point where they can harm themselves, not to mention there are other aspects of development. But if you really want to know and put forth the effort, there are resources out there you can access.

  • gumby
    As to what truth is, why do you think it comes in the form of an answer? You see this implies it is all solved in the realm of intellectual processing, and while I or someone else can tell you it doesn't work that way, if you want to hang on to this then you'll just turn around and say well that still doesn't say what it is, and of course you'd be right.

    I thought that was the way we humans were wired to think?

    My points were directed at lifes questions as to why,and how we are here, and what the purpose of life is. Many things have answers. If we do not use intellectual processing to find those answers, what other reasoning is there?


  • Markfromcali

    Well, you don't use any kind of reasoning to find your foot. (of course I am making the assumption that you have feet, if not substitute some other body part) I am not just saying that to be smart, but it is an actual, real example.

    I kind of addressed this in another post to Frankie's honesty thread, but I'll try to be more direct here. See any answer would be a mental object, I am trying to point to something more substantial than that. We live out of our heads, while it is a great computer it is a rather limited way to live. Our beliefs might be likened to an operating system, while it gets us around I sure as hell won't take it that seriously, especially if it is something like Windows. It isn't so much like there's something else that will answer the question, but I'm saying if you dig deep enough the question become meaningless - because it is seen in a context larger than the mind.

  • LittleToe


    ...because it is seen in a context larger than the mind.

    Which IMHO becomes so much bullshyte...

    If it's bigger than the mind, then all you've done is set another placeholder.
    That's exactly what theists have done with the concept of God. Placing your own existance as that "god" is no more satisfying, unless you like self-abuse...

    It also denies the experience of millions of people, the majority of whom are unlikely to have a multiple-personality disorder.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Hi Emma,

    Spent hours looking at Christmas online....saw it was traced to Pagan celebrations and decided not to do it.

    We celebrate Christ-mas the same way you describe your daughters birthday - like " whose day was the best ever " - I'm not sure what 'Pagans' do on that day - that's for them. The Magi gave presents to Jesus (we don't believe they're 'evil').

    Heaven and Hell....the Bible says we'll inherit the "Earth" in a zillion we can't be going to Heaven or Hell.....RIGHT?

    There's 1 regarding the meek, Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, and it is not my belief that it means what you are referring to. A couple of other times (2) there is the phrase we wait for new heavens and a new earth and again, it is not my belief that it means what you are referring to. I would say that the zillion references you remember are no more than jwisms.

    Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

    Wouldn't hell just be eternal death
    • Ever get the feeling that you have a burning desire, that the water from above isn't putting out ?
    • Like you know there is a light but your still in the dark, even upset about it ?
    • Are you in a whole sea of people like that - perhaps calm, but remain unquenched ?
    • Question - have you been paying homage to an imaginary tyrant who would lash out at you at the drop of a hat - like some beast does? Some image, given life by people ?
    • Have you been really bound and restricted by these people claiming righteousness ?

    It's not His fault - You don't need to nail Him down before you lift Him up.

    You're going to be released from prison.

    Everything's ok - read what JamesThomas said again - up above.

  • Scully

    I like the tenets of this "church":


    Are you in a joyless, faithless void?

    Have you rummaged through the spiritual offerings of a planet that is so morally bankrupt, little seems good? Honest? Reliable?

    Have you battered your way through churches that make you feel guilty? Offer little for introspection or personal edification beyond "worship?" Attract followers by hating others?
    You may be like Squidward.

    Are you ready for something new and better? Something honest, earnest and fun? Something that can make you feel good without making you feel bad?

    Perhaps you have never considered going underwater to find a belief system worth investing probably never, in your wildest dreams, thought that the secrets to living a happy, contented and fulfilling life could come from a tiny animated sponge.

    Well, we're The Church of SpongeBob Squarepants and we bring to you, today, Good News!


    A Church that finds joy in the little things in life, and isn't afraid to say so.
    A Church that offers complexity for the complex, and simplicity for the simple. You can even mix the two up if you want.
    A Church that doesn't want your money and only wants you to be happy.
    A Church that presents it's precepts and spiritual instruction in an easily accessible format.
    A Church you can enjoy in your own home - no special building to go to.
    A Church that realizes that simple things, like having fun, using your imagination, and enjoying what you do, are important in life.
    A Church that doesn't attract people by hating or excluding a certain type of person.
    A Church that is ready eddy eddy to have you as a member!

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